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The stories and poems posted on this page do not have to be speculative works of fiction, but you do have to be part of the 2018 term 2 spec fic class to post (Honor system). Please make sure there are three lines of space between all posts so we can tell the difference between one work and another. End all posts with By: (Authors name), or if you prefer to go anonymous, By: Anonymous. And, please, no negative comments or serious revision of other's work, though I doubt that would happen. Positive comments are welcome. Have fun!

I don’t know what to call this story, and I will accept suggestions (note: this is a work in progress) It’s kinda long so watch out [Maybe something like "In the shadows"? Idk I'm not too good at naming things to be honest]


   By the time the police arrived, the man had been dead for hours. Forcing through the door, the sight before the officers’ eyes was most peculiar. No signs of a struggle, barely any blood, and besides the corpse, everything was in perfect order. The man was clearly dead: glassy eyes, stone-cold skin, all the visual symptoms. However, besides the obvious lack of the man’s left hand, the body was untouched.

∼Chapter One∼ With no regard for the tired locals around them, the investigation had to go on. Cruiser lights flashing, officers shouting, boots crashing on the floorboards of the next apartment. Nobody in the neighborhood could sleep and I was no exception. I was about to resort to using my brand-new noise-canceling headphones when there came a sharp knock on the front door. I might not have been able to sleep, but at least I could figure out what was going on. All I knew was that a) something had happened in the next apartment, b) the commotion was keeping my little sister awake, and c) when your three-year-old sister can’t sleep, neither can you. The thing about apartments is that there isn’t much space to hide for eavesdropping. So, when my parents let the two officers in, I was sitting in the kitchen, pretending to read but straining to hear the conversation. What did I hear? Not much.

Thirty minutes of stress and ear strain later, I retired to my room and shut the door. I fell into my desk chair and picked up a pen and pencil. Quickly scratching down all I remembered, I had to admit I was stumped. Nothing made sense. Why was the man killed? How? Most importantly, who was he? Despite living next to him for as long as I could remember, I had never seen the man, let alone talk to him. As far as I knew, he wasn’t even human.

I would have to figure out more, but before I could even stand up, my dad knocked sharply on my door and told me it was time for bed. It was Thursday, I had school tomorrow. I was about to fall asleep when a large figure flickered past my window. Despite the bright lights from the police cruisers, I couldn’t discern any details. It was clearly the wrong size and shape for a wild animal, and no sane person would be out, at night, during a formal police investigation. The only conclusion I could make is that that person, whoever he was, had something to do with the recent murder. And if I didn’t stop him, there’s a chance that nobody would.

∼Chapter Two∼ My window was locked, but as any eighth grader with two brain cells could tell you, that proved no difficulty. Sneaking out of my house was a new experience for me, and it wasn’t that hard. The only hard part was detaching myself from the rosebush planted below my bedroom window. Slipping from shadow to shadow, I made it out to the street where I paused. Sneaking around at night during a police investigation made me a prime suspect in this case. Should have thought of that. Despite the hour, it was surprisingly warm. The night air was warm as usual, but it had a certain tenseness to it, like the night before a storm. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw it again, a shadow barely discernible from the residential landscape. I crept after it, taking my time to avoid notice, but once I was out of sight of the police I sprinted after it. I had lived outside San Antonio for my whole life and knew the area like the back of my hand.

Even so, I was in a losing race, the shadow was just too fast and was pulling away. We ran, one after the other through more backyards, alleys, and intersections than I could count. Finally, the shadow took a hard right into a driveway, just before a white pickup pulled out, cutting me off. Once the pickup was gone I followed the shadow in. The driveway banked left, but my instincts pointed right, toward a green space with a few paths and lots of tree cover and an L-shaped building that may have been a college dorm. I slowed my pace, glancing right and left with every step. I didn’t see anyone, but that didn’t mean they weren’t there. The trees provided plenty of places for them to hide, so I had to be careful. But even when I made it to the doors of the building, there was no sign of anyone. No college students, no small animals, no anybody. I should have taken this as a sign but I just kept looking. Looking for any movement. I stalked around the green but once I returned to the doors I was getting suspicious that they had given me the slip. Either that or they were still here, waiting in the shadows, watching my every move. As I soon found out, it was unfortunately the latter. Stopping by the glass doors for a breather, I felt a strong hand in the small of my back and was shoved unceremoniously through the door. Unfortunately the door was closed at the time, and I landed face-first inside with shards of glass all around me. I rolled over, which in retrospect was not the smartest decision while lying amidst hundreds of glass shards. Forcing back tears of pain, I stared up at my assailant. Though still shrouded in darkness, it was obvious that he was not quite human. His thin, muscular body couldn’t have been more than a hundred pounds. But the most disturbing part was his eyes. Perfect almonds, they reflected the dim moonlight like those of a cat and were a stunning shade of pale gold. I couldn’t move, though whether it was from fright or some other force I couldn’t tell. Staring up at the dark figure, I watched as its eyes scanned over my prone body and then back up to my face. Glancing up he gave a curt nod to someone behind me. Before I could think of looking behind me, a blunt object slammed into my head and I blacked out.

By: Christopher Garfield Sebert

Boy (I didn't really know what else to name this and open to suggestions)(Also this isn't a generalization of boys in general, because in general, I think they're fine. This is about one guy in specific that I had a bad relationship with)

He slithers like a snake,

with jaws and sharpened claws that rake

down your throat,

squeezing and sliding in, caressing then crushing your hopes

for the future;

a future with him, the very thing that you’re sure

will kill you.

(If you keep him long enough to let him get to

your core)

He burrows in and eats your fleshy parts, but he wants more,

so he takes your seeds

and spits them out onto the ground in the weeds,

and he stomps

on them; stomps on everything you thought to be good and pure and does not

stop to hear your screams.

He doesn’t care about your life, your dreams,

just wants your sweet,

tangy, juicy flesh that he rips from you like meat

from a bone,

and leaves you with only your guilt to walk you home.

The weight of what you

did together is tied to your shoelaces until you trip and fall to

the concrete.

By: Anonymous

Haikus of a Woman

her hair flows through my

fingers, a waterfall of

golden brown syrup

the milk chocolate of

her undyed roots matches the

brown sugar freckles

that dance across her

marshmallow cheeks. she smiles,

her lips the color

of just-ripe cherries

i smile back and taste the

honey on her tongue.

By: Kennedy Clement