Spinster Chair

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The Spinster Chair

The Spinster Chair is a chair located in the Alspagh Commons room. It looks similar to other chairs in the commons but is generally situated closest to the television. The history of the chair began in 2007 during Term II.

How the name began

The infamous TIP spinster was sitting in said chair. Other people in the room were the couples Rachel and Greg and Corey and Jack. Lulu and Ben were also present during some of the events. As time progressed, Emily became the only single person [aside from Janie, who was deemed the whore] and was therefore referred to as "The Spinster." The chair she sat in was aptly called the Spinster Chair.

The De-Virginization of the Chair The spinster chair lost its virginity during a game called musical make out where the couples made out on every surface of the commons room. The chair from that day, was not a virgin but continued to be called the spinster chair.

that day was really awkward for me. -emily the spinster and...jack called me a spinster first. and he is the one who wrote all of this stuff.