Spoken Word

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 Spoken Word was a course at Wake Forest taught by the lovely Audrey Smith and Carltoned by the wonderful Carlton Holland. The Term 1 class consisted of Sarah, Alex (Jade), Katie, Max, Marisa, Molly/Maura, Alec/Esme, Skye, DAVIS!, Rosa, James, Erik, and Ben. In the first week we experienced some of our first true poetrucks as we learned about slam poetry and wrote some ourselves. We also performed for Stones and Bones, and finished off with a performance of Audrey's Jesus Duck poem. During week two we made group podcasts, ultimately resulting in the all time best satirical content ever. Alec, Max, and Davis, hats off to you for Suburban Moms Radio Station. In our final week, we made individual podcasts and as of the last day I predict CRYING.


  • the funeral we had for our beloved foursquare ball, complete with nose bagpipes
  • Alec and Kazoo Kid
  • the time Davis was 5'11 (OH WAIT)
  • Rosa's yellow converse
  • Carlton and his grim reaper voice
  • My daughter DID NOT blow up!
  • Shut up, SUSAN!
  • Alec and their slam poem
  • Hamilton in general
  • After Ever After
  • Audrey and Carlton just generally being glorious
  • Davis flinging his chair aside to perform a poem about the color blue
  • Maybelline commercials

Presented by our Lord and Savior Jesus Duck