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A word of warning to you all: NEVER MAKE A ROOT BEER FLOAT AT TRINITY. It is coach bait. I was almost killed after making this mistake

How to Approach

− If you must approach a sports camp kid, remain calm. Although they are not smart creatures, they can smell fear. Use simple words, or you will confuse them. If they get confused, it is very likely they will get agitated, and if they get agitated, back away slowly, as they might attack. Despite their low intelligence, they are probably stronger than you. It is probably a good idea to bring some food and/or Gatorade with you in case you accidentally confuse them.


Revision as of 15:31, 11 October 2015 The Sports Camp Kids are the kids who often share the dining hall with TIPsters at many different campuses (including Davidson, Wake Forest University, Georgia Tech, Duke West, Trinity University,UGA and Duke East). They are generally considered to be the opposite of TiPsters. Sports Camp Kids range anywhere from neutral to hostile. At many campuses, they are known for the teasing of TiPsters, with their prime insult being that we are nerds. (Obviously, they need to pick a better insult since we all call Duke Tip "Nerd Camp.")

Natural Habitat

Sports Camp Kids are often spotted in the sports fields on campuses where TiPsters reside. It is not a safe idea to approach wild Sports Camp Kid unless you have a trained adult with you. Also, due to the fact that Sports Camp Kids are not wearing a lanyard of any color, they count as strangers, and being around them could subject us to Stranger Danger. Sports Camp Kids are often spotted by the soft serve machine in the dining hall (if your campus has one). If you spot one, do not panic. Simply remain calm and do not make eye contact. A word of warning to you all: NEVER MAKE A ROOT BEER FLOAT AT TRINITY. It is coach bait. I was almost killed after making this mistake.


Although many TiPsters observe Sports Camp Kids to be hostile, occasionally they can be tame. They are known to call TiPsters "mathalethes." (which is NOT accurate seeing as I hate math) Their leaders are called Coaches. Coaches are extremely hostile and should not be approached under ANY circumstances. Sports Camp Kids tend to gravitate towards the Soft Serve Machine and the Soda Machine.

What to Do if Approached

First, please note that the intellect, strength, and abilities of a sports camp kid depends on the variety that most closely matches them. Similarly, the strategy varies as well.

Environments in which a TiPster may encounter these dangerous creatures are quite consistent, and are covered in the Natural Habitat section. The two most notable are the cafeteria and the quad. Also notable is the path to one's class, but encounters can often be avoided if engagement is avoided.

The cafeteria is, by far, the most dangerous environment in which one can encounter sports camp kids, as the crowded mobs they form and their volatile appetites create a hellish combination that allows them to move unexpectedly and corner TiPsters. I, myself, have been cornered in this way, and forced to give my opinion on the current soccer situation. The best idea in this situation is to be fast. Sports camps go to lunch soon after TiP, and only the fast TiPsters get their food before the onslaught.

In the quad, it is much simpler. Simply stick together. Find your class and form a herd. This will confuse the horde of sports camp kids, and they will not be able to determine the best target.

Repelling sports camp kids is easy, as discussed above. Dealing with an encounter is more difficult. Often, a smirk, a smart comment, and narrowing your eyes while standing one's ground has worked, but this does not apply when the encounter is on the basis of retaining contact with the target. In this situation, the target must find a group of familiar TiPsters, such as class or group-mates. This group will protect the target, and will often make a funny story out of it that even the target laughs at.

Varieties and Breeds

There are many breeds of Sports Camp Kids, including, but not limited to, the following:

Lacrosse (pretty chill *from the perspective of a first year Davidson TIPster*)



Cheerleading (the most hostile and aggressive breed)

Gymnastics (cute, but very hostile)

Softball (very hostile)



Golf (these range from pretty chill to extremely hostile)

Field hockey



Hostility varies by breed. There are also many varieties of Sports Camp Kids, including the Davidson, Wake Forest University, Georgia Tech, and Duke East varieties. The Wake Forest and Davidson varieties have been reported to be extremely hostile. Davidson Term 2 2013 wasn't bad. I got called a "nerd" once, but my friends and I were kind of hogging the soda fountain screaming, "THE ELEMENTS ARE SEPARATING! BWAHAHAHAHA!!" (we were making the Apocalyptic Sunrise)) They do not clean up after themselves, take too much soft serve, and pick on the TiPsters for being nerds. The Georgia Tech varieties have been reported to be much less hostile. They tend to spread out and take up extreme amounts of space; however, their actual behavior seems to be more on the less hostile side. During Davidson Term 1 2014, TIPsters were driven out of their side of the cafeteria and cramped into a too-small space just so the sports camp kids could watch the World Cup on our usual side. When they kept chanting, "USA! USA! USA!" in a very annoying way, some TIPsters began chanting "Germany! Germany! Germany!" Germany won.

Wake Forest

The sports kids, especially the golfers were not cool. A certain RAG group almost got in a fight with the golfers. The golfers called that group nerds and said they were at a camp for math. The tipsters then said golf wasn't a real sport. Some of the sports kids are weird. A girl from soccer camp started flirting with an RC group one night. She wanted to party with the group and started giving the tipsters nicknames. A few of these nicknames were rude. She called one kid Chang, being racist. She called another boy "Chunk"


2015 Term 2

Although the most hostile groups of sports kids come from Wake Forest and Davidson, term two was alright. There were barely any interactions between the TIPsters and the Sports Camp kids, but when there were the Sports Kids were chill.