Sports Medicine UGA 2015

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The Sports Med class at UGA 2015 was the place to be. Basically everyone wanted to be in Sports Med (even if they disagree), and the class was super lit. It consisted of:

  • Mamie: most likely to be quiet and then come out and roast someone out of nowhere
  • Zoe: most likely to be a ninja
  • Grace: most likely to make a "good" pun
  • Alexandria: most likely to win the Stanley Cup by herself
  • Leiana: most likely to be valedictorian
  • Will: most likely to be a cow
  • Abdul: "baby won't you come my way!"
  • Burch: most likely to be a gangster farmer
  • Kailey: most likely to drain a 3
  • Holly: most likely to harvest the organs
  • Niki: most likely to not be able to draw the Ramsey Center
  • Lee: most likely to hit the high note
  • Griffin: most likely to have no idea what's going on
  • Zach: most likely to break the running rule
  • Jacob: most likely to be Canadian, eh?
  • Nivi: most likely to sit on a green bean
  • Megan: most likely to lead a rebellion against the world
  • Sydney: most likely to have a birthday
  • Jasmine(instructor): most likely to be sarcastic
  • Bri(TA): most likely to visit the underwater treadmill

The class had a ton of inside jokes such as:

  • Lee's sweatshirt
  • the running rule
  • many more that we can't tell you

We performed the famous Thriller dance at the first dance, and let me just tell you: we killed it. It was worth it to listen to the annoying home lady teach us.

Our GroupMe is still active and we're still super cool. Don't try to be better than us because you never will.

Love, SMED CLASS OF 2015