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Squid King is the unofficial, relatively official, UGA title. Squid King is (un)officially the replacement for TiP King/Monarch so that the trinity will stay [as of 2015]. The Squid King is a respected, for squidliness, and power. All shall bow. The squid shall live on!
Squid King 1-2 (Jay Godfrey and Zeke Streetman)


The Squid King was a title created by Zeke Streetman, he did this completely unintentionally. In his time at TIP he became the Jester at UGA for 2013, his handing down of the title was much contested by the fourth year court. He was not swayed, but doesn't particularly remember who got the title. The original goals of the Squid King involved creating a cult large enough for the ego of the young man. Many joined, but many fell out. Eventually it devolved into a facebook page of nonsensical ramblings. The court of fourth years in that era frustrated the young squid king greatly, because all of these titles are intrinsically silly. The original squid hat for which all of this came was purchased at the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention, and sits longingly at the aging boy (now man) as a symbol of the specialness of TIP, and the value of a place where a very strange boy could create something for many people to enjoy.


The goals of the Squid King is to bring about joy within all of the TIPsters, and create as most welcoming environment for all of the weird and freakish. A friend to all, that sees the absolute absurdity of the situations that TIP presents, and the beauty within all of the students that attend. The Squid King must be a voice for the absurd.




The first Squid King, Zeke Streetman (2013), handed his title down to Jay Godfrey (2014-2015). Jay Godfrey has handed it down to Zach Amerson(2016). Zach then handed it down to Ethan Wedge(2017). Ethan Wedge then handed it down to Fred Stanley (2018) *(Katie Russel was originally given the 2018 Squid King title, but was waitlisted)