Sriracha Squad

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The Sriracha Squad was created at Austin College Term 2 2016. On the first day of class, Jared Zimbelman, who later became known as "Sriracha", wore a t-shirt with the iconic Sriracha sauce label on it, with navy blue shorts and Adidas sneakers, which led to his new nickname. His friend group couldn't get over the hilarity of the shirt and then decided to make it the icon of their group. The original members of the Sriracha Squad are Jared Zimbelman, Alex Neale, Tony Lemcke, Clayton Glasser, Brooklyn Niravong, and Delia Crawford. Jared, obviously, came to camp with the shirt, Alex and Tony, being in the same RC group, bought theirs on group night at Target, and Brooklyn, Delia, and Clayton bought theirs in the weeks following TIP.