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Before reading this page, if you are a term 2 East Tipster remember that this is not the final judgement, and to not form a bias against your caretaker of 3 weeks without first meeting them. Don't let the judgements of term 1 cast a pall across term 2, as a tipster that went to both, it's important to remember that your expectations going in will greatly change your experience.

During the Duke East Terms of 2016, the tipsters had debatably some of the worst staff members to deal with. From straight up rudeness to causing literal panic attacks throughout the tipster population, the tipsters created a "NO and BRO" list to separate the good and the bad. This is not intended to be a rude page, simply an informative page for East tipsters to become aware of wrong doings of their superiors to avoid tiggers and other hurtful encounters.

This list was originally published while TIP was in session. However, since the staff ALWAYS blames the 4th years, it was taken down by the 4th years who were afraid of being punished for something they had no control over. The 4th years during 2016 stopped at nothing to restore TIP to its true glory. We all respect that so much and truly can never thank you enough for dealing with the annoying staff. The staff originally encouraged the 4th years to be leaders to the younger tipsters, however, they were soon ticked off when we 2nd and 3rd years started to follow their lead. What did they expect? Nobody on staff (with the exception of the bro list) cared or respected the tipsters. We followed the people who fought for what we believed in.

Throughout the term, the staff consistently stressed "Mutual Respect" to the tipsters. This is hilarious considering there was a group message that the 4th years discovered on the night of the Talent Show where the staff talked about how untalented the students were and consistently referred to the female tipsters on stage as "bitches". What was that you were saying about mutual respect? The staff got upset about the Doctor Doctor skit that the 4th years presented so, to my knowledge, the 4th years decided to inform Pam and KP (the onsite admin) of the respectful group message that was being exchanged during the term.

Without further ado...

The list is as follows...


- Sarah: Sarah has shown rudeness on multiple occasions through lawsuit threats against the fourth years and straight up telling the female 4th years that working with them has been one of the worst experiences of her entire life. Word spreads quickly at tip and by mid second week the thirds years had found out about these events and decided to contribute to the "NO and BRO list". Sarah also said she could not wait to hear the staff get chewed out during Doctor Doctor, yet left when it was performed. Sarah sent a message when two of her RAG children went up saying "These are my babies, sorry they are a solid 4/10" and then tried to deny it after 8 RC's had already admitted to the message and Sarah's involvement. Sarah use to be a RC at West and with all due respect we hope she goes back.

- Christian: Christian is a male RC who had shown extreme rudeness multiple times throughout the term. It has been circulating that he joked around about child abuse with a few tipsters. He is also notable for rude remarks to the "Skippy" of 2016 Term One. He carries himself with an arrogant attitude and could care less if he hurts the feelings of children. He is also rumored to have been rude to a group of second year girls causing 2 of them to cry. After the Legendary 11 fell at Wake, Christian went over to help with the aftermath. This was fantastic considering he was a terrible human. He was noted for saying in the group message in regards to the early bed time that the 4th years had to face that he "would fly back and make them go to bed.". Lol ok dude.

- All of the Emily's: The Emily's literally made an evening activity called "An Exuberant Emily Evening" when they talked about how great they were for a solid 2 hours. Aside from arrogance, the Emily's have been know to give "sass" to all tipsters especially the female tipster population. One Emily ruined the Exorcism tradition that takes a year to prepare for. Emily S. is the worst out of the bunch for sure.

- KP: Nobody is really sure what KP did at tip besides complain. Also a former westie, we hope she goes back before next year because her inconsiderate attitude really took away from the TIP meaning.

- Pam: Pam really wasn't that bad of a person. She listened when the tipsters had something to say and made logical and respectable points. The only thing that lands her on the NO list is the fact that she compared the Doctor Doctor tradition to slavery and the oppression of LGBTQ people. What?

- Chioma: Notable for specifically targeting Soren. Maybe she hates her job?

- Taylar: Once a bro, was downgraded after she freaked out about confetti and paint in the bathroom. Chill.


- Michelle: although at first Michelle was mistaken for one of the Emily's and disliked, the tipsters soon found out how amazing and caring she really was. Especially girls from her RAG. Michelle was a Duke East tipster and has shown compassion for the tipsters who are having a rough time this year. She really connected with the feelings of the kids and truly cared about us tipsters. We hope she is back next year as a 4th year RC (although she was basically everybody's RC) to continue her love and spirit for TIP>

- Harrison: no reason needed

-Andrew: also a former East Tipster, Andrew is a true supporter and someone everyone trusts. He, like Michelle, connected with the tipsters and did his job while also being nice. Thank you Andrew!!

-Niko: Self explanatory

- Gant: Harvard student, ultimate bro. Gant really showed that he cares about his kids and his job. We picked on him a lot (not as much as the 4th year girls did) but it was all out of love. He was such a fun person to be around.

- Hannah: a sweet and kind soul who loves each one of us. Someone to talk to. Hannah was there to do her job and help kids. She did just that. Hannah is a perfect example of a great RC according to the 4th years and we hope she is back again to be our RC.

- Antonia: A funny gal. Generally nice and cool to be around

- Liz: Liz was tormented by the tipsters, mainly from her RAG, but still loved them dearly. She always said "I can't stand you" to her RAG even though she loved them and hand picked them (Term 1). She will be missed. ((Although a bunch of people I know dislike Liz, I love her so much and hope to see her next year.)) We love you Liz!!!

- Lori!!!!!: What a BRO! Lori was so sweet and somehow remembered ALL of our names.

- Brandon: He was so sweet and kind and a wonderful person to talk to. He was notable for never using the trash talking group me and earned the respect of all of the tipsters.

Term 2 is highly encouraged to update this page in the next weeks. We hope that the term goes better for you all. This list is silly but do consider some of these stories as you go about the term. Remember what TIP is all about and never forget to stay together!