Staff vs. Campers Game

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On June 24, 2007, the staff at the Texas A&M campus faced their first loss in the ultimate frisbee game. They were not only beaten by the campers, they were humiliated by them in an 11-3 blowout. The two campers teams that merged together were Team Headband and Full Throttle. The captains for the two teams were Stephen Slocum and Zach Ballard. The game started out at an even pace 3-2, campers. It soon took off with an 8-1 scoring spree by the campers. Riley McCord was voted the game MVP because of his legendary velcro hands. The staff was highly embarrassed after the game especially since they claimed that they could not lose. It was indeed that on that very day the staff would face their most embarrassing defeat ever.

Team Headband:

Stephen Slocum

Zach Ballard

Riley McCord

Eric Tamez

Alex Blackard

Trevor Stokes

Henry Wang

Michael Yao

Tashin Faruque

Full Throttle:

Stuart Rhea

Amit Kumar

Jacob Smith



Alex Busbey


Evan Wassamer

Chris Sullivan