Stairwells at A&M

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The stairwells on the first floor at Texas are known for being half-decent places to make out. That is what most tipsters use them for. But not all tipsters. On the first day of term II 2012, a unique conglomeration of tipsters congregated there, Samual Hebert, Nate Sumimoto, James "Jesus" Miller, Cheyenne Smith, Logan Campbell, Sami Goldman, and Anna Ta. These incredibly similar tipsters were joined later by Benjamin Mattiuzzi, Faye Daigle, and Sam Warren. This group was known for its incessant singing, refusal to cede possesion of the stairwell, and tendency to frighten other tipsters away. The group created a Mississippi style family tree, full of entendres, innuendos, double meanings, superimposed blood relationships, and metaphorical incest. The group formed two noticeable RelationTips, Cheyenne and Jesus, and Sami and Logan. After three weeks, a number of tipsters harbored an unnatural fear of this stairwell. All above tipsters planned to return the following year, same time, same place. This group will then be handed down to slightly younger tipsters at the end of the term, continuing tis interesting tradition.