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The Starfish began on the night of the 2nd dance of TIP, Duke East term 1, 2005. Mary Ellen (also a member of the renowned Pink Flamingos) was in a bad mood because of a rocky relationTIP and was helped out by the lovely CoCo and Max and the oh so wonderful Robbie and Charlie. As they comforted her by the use of plastic bats, bench dancing, muttered threats against the offender and many hugs, Robbie remarked, out of no where, "Be like a Starfish, no matter what happens to them, they always grow back!"

And so the Starfish began.

While it was originally only the 5 members (for the Starfish's five limbs) it grew to include Nash, Molly (Mary Ellen's roomate) Lara, and many others. The Starfish motto lives on on the Starfish hat that Mary Ellen still wears. "We grow back" it reads and is signed by many of the Starfish members.