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Stefon Walters, also known as Mega Woman, is a first year RC at the Trinity Campus who watches over tipsters and protects them from the evil forces of Lawyers, Politicians, and Rabid Walruses.


Born as a Pauper on the streets, Stefon was always a victim of Lawyers and Politicians with bad Political ads and getting ripped off. He eventually got a magical golden ticket from a chocolate bar, but instead of going into Wonka's Chocolate factory, it accidentally took him to Monster Island where everyone, but Stefon and his dad, got killed by Godzilla as well as Rodan and Mothra. The two built a log cabin as well as a Walmart to live in, though Godzilla killed his dad due to the fact that they were out of lays to eat. Driven by grief, Stefon built a giant robot known as Mecha Stefon which fought Godzilla in such a disturbing and violent fight, Toho never released the footage to the public as it killed the 69 people who watched it. Later, he went to walk on the beach of Cleveland, even though Cleveland is nowhere near a body of water. As he was walking down the beach, a radioactive supermodel fell from the sky and bit Stefon in the lower part of the body. He immediately started twerking as a side effect of the bite, and later discovered that he had become Mega Woman, man at day, freakishly large and muscular woman at night. He fights the forces of Lawyers, Politicians, and Rabid Walruses and saves the forces of justice such as Doctors, Psychologists, and Scientists. Though he fights the minor chrimes, he joins forces with other heros such as El Taco to fight the biggest group of villains ever to be seen, the Tax Collectors. With other heros at his/her side to form the Tipster League.


Mega Woman has the following abilities: Super strength, Super speed,Unattractive dance moves to kill villains, Black Sense to sense the wrong doings of the evil lawyers, Swog

RC Group

Stefon's RC Group, also known as the Stefoknights are too amazing to tell you about.