Stephen Slocum and Zach Ballard

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Stephen Slocum and Zach Ballard were roommates at Texas A&M Term 1 in the summer of 2007. They were quite the hilarious duo with their antics, ingenious nicknames, and mad dance skills. No other duo will ever be able to compare to the amazing coolness brought to the table by these two. Their nicknames for certain people (Testicles and Artemis Fowl will forever be remembered by all the TiPsters. They were also quite the pie eating machines even though Stephen officially beat Zach in a pie-eating contest (Zach still complains that he truly won). Though they had the crappiest dorm room ever, the two made it into the hottest hangout spot on campus. Their game was unmatchable. They could truly pop, lock, and drop it. They were truly the greatest TiPsters ever. They will forever be immortalized as the Kings of the Nerds.