Steve And Kylie

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Steve And Kylie

The supposed Duke TiP UGA Term One 2011 couple.

Steve is a Second Year-Second Year from North Carolina. He spent his First Year at the University of Kansas during the First Term and his Second Year at the University of Georgia also during the First Term. He is most well known for his multi-colored hair, his habit of hitting on every girl he sees, his creepiness, and his plethora of pick up lines.

Kylie is a Second Year-Second Year from Oklahoma. She spent her First Year at Kansas University during the Second Term and her Second Year at the University of Georgia during the First Term. She is a soon to be the first TiPster in history to attend both terms in one year. She will be going to a course at Appalachian State University for the Second Term, making her a Third Year-Second Year. She is most well known for her ability to wear jeans and jackets in 100˚F weather, to be writing and/or drawing in the lobby, her suspenders made out of TiP green shoelaces, and her laugh which resembled a dolphin.

It's rumored that they met during an Evening Activities Sand Volleyball match in which she was trampled by a fellow TiPster in the process of ducking in order to not get hit by the ball when Steve helped her up. From what a certain, unnamed, TiPster says, "It was love at first sight. The moment they looked into each other's eyes the immense feelings were nearly tangible. It's unfathomable how obvious the love was between the two, young Second Year's.", it must have been an event that will forever shake the ages. Observed by other TiPsters, aparantly, later that night, they exchanged phone numbers and texted all night until Steve confessed his feelings to the unsuspecting Kylie. From that moment on, their relationship blossomed from just walking, to hugs, to holding hands, to "Frolicking" through the halls, to cuddling during the first dance, and eventually, to a make-out session during the second dance. There was a rumor that Jazlin (Better known as Jazzy), a good friend of both of them, had fallen for Steve even though he had no feelings in return for her. She was continuously caught in the middle, which coincidentally was her superlative for her RC Group, and tried to cock block but to no avail. Their love flourished and they continued to lock lips at every moment possible.

It was most likely to find them making-out in either the stairwells or in the third floor lobby. Though Kylie denied any relationship, or remote attraction at all, most TiPsters knew they were going out. In fact, because of Kylie's lack of outgoingness and willingness to be social, those who didn't know her personally, knew her as "Steve's Girlfriend" which she dreaded the sound of. It was rumored that Kylie had a boyfriend outside of TiP but was cheating on him with Steve. They went to every dance together and were rarely seen apart. Steve publicized his feelings for Kylie by continuously talking about her to his classmates and other friends. Though whether or not Kylie had feelings in return for him remained undecided and unknown, some other TiPsters said that they had been told, first hand, by Kylie that she did have feelings for him, it could not be proven. Whether the feelings were present or not, they did receive numerous PDA's; it even got to the extent in which J-Dawg (A RC) banned them from being in the same stairwell together. Though it is not confirmed whether they were/are in a relationship, they will forever be known as The Duke TiP UGA Term One 2011 Term Couple.