Strategic Entrepreneurial Leadership

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You can't allow PILF to have a page without allowing SEL one!!!

Strategic Entrepreneural Leadership is the best and, of course, most profitable class to be taken at Duke East. The teacher being the brilliant, slightly unorthodox and fun Mr. Benrube (aka Mr. B) and the TA (of 2005) Ryan.

The course description provided says: 'In this course, students will be exposed to the world of entrepreneurship. Students will identify the keys to entrepreneurial success that they inherently possess, focusing on drive, multiple thinking skills, and people skills. Group work will help to develop individual ideas into marketable concepts and to develop strategies to make those ideas work. Each student will have an opportunity for self-analysis, and will learn how this relates to success in an entrepreneurial environment. Students will develop business plans, gaining the information and understanding necessary to launch and grow an entrepreneurial venture, including a realistic preview of the diversity, emotional involvement, and workload necessary to succeed. As a final project, individual students or groups will present their business plan to the class, who will act as potential investors.'

At West I '03 the class rebelled against TIP tradition by playing punchball (a form of batless baseball played with a pink rubber ball) instead of Ultimate during the breaks.

As a sneak peak of the fun we had in class, here are the favorite quotes of East II '05 (also found on the class t-shirts):

  • Potent Potables
  • The Pen Is Mighter (yes, it is supposed to be spelled Mighter)
  • Florida has a panhandle?
  • We're not family!
  • Who? MIKE JONES!!!
  • I'm a Hitter, not a Quitter, Baby!
  • Here Comes the Pain Train!
  • Soccer: The Communist Sport
  • You're sitting on a gold mine, Trebeck!
  • in a VAN, down by the RIVER!!!
  • Hey, Benny, you have a shirt on your head!
  • If you lose this...
  • 'Little' Ryan
  • Where were you last night Ryan?
  • Carrot and stick
  • Say someone breaks both their legs in my factory...
  • If you drop this guinea pig, I will drop YOU from an equivilant height...
  • ..But what about my stress?
  • Dirty commies

East II '06 SEL was notable because the class lost several students to various causes. 1. Drew Philips- Succombed to Mono and his mom made him go home after a week. 2. Marcello 'Marshmello' Jackass- Left at the end of week two because everyone hated him. (His group threatened to strip him naked, burn off all his skin with cigarettes and rub him with salt and vinegar chips after cutting his balls off) He is hated because he left his group with a really bad project that he came up with to finish. Poor them.

There were also several notable injuries due to frisbee and general frolicking. 1. Marcello- Actually, most people think he faked his injury to make people like him. (It really only gave another reason to taunt him endlessly.) 2. AJ- Got taken down in soccer and hurt his ankle. 3. Hannah- Broke her ankle frolicking around the quad at the end of the second week and was left with a cast to show how dangerous frolicking can be. 4. Ross- Received injuries during the staff student ultimate game but it was worth it because the students won.

  • Know how to talk good.
  • Brazilians Resteraunts
  • San Antonio has one million people.
  • A hobo knows a train like a lover knows his beloved.
  • I garfunkeled your mother.
  • Stop breating.
  • Mow down caucasions.
  • Check it.
  • We're just faster.
  • Sexy Hanna without an H
  • "That's not my name! Turd Furgeson."
    • "Say Something Honest." "I like small boys."

The 2006 Business Projects consisted of: Chamelio, Nude Foods, HSRCA, Vianeer, Their Rare Underwear, R.M. Greene's, and Weissman's Brazillian Steakhouse (ALL YOU CAN EAT of meat!