Street lamp the moose

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Streep Lamp the Moose is a fourth year skit performed at Georgia Tech during the second term in 2014. The skit starred Andrew Tuttle as the narrator, Sam Fisher as Street Lamp, And Genie Grindle as the girl in the sundress(He crossed dressed for this skit, much to the horror and laughter of the crowd.) The basic premise of the skit was of Street lamp, the classiest man to walk the earth, and how he became an NFL all star, president of the world, and most importantly, married the girl in the sundress(Sam and Genie performed an awkward stage kiss, but it looked really hot.) The fourth year skit was considered dumb by many, and funny by few. However, as original skits go, it was very good.

(It was almost certainly based on this Reddit comment: )

In my opinion, it was hilarious, mostly because we all knew the fourth years were already very outgoing and didn't exactly have many restraints, so it was funny to see how far they would go.