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The Stuffed Animal Trend

On a trip to Mass street, two tipsters, Wil and Carson, bought two stuffed animals at the Toy Store. After they had bought a sloth named Alpha, for Wil, and a squid named Sqweed, for Carson. Thus a trend was born. Many boys bought stuffed animals and Wil and Carson went back for seconds. Here is a few.

  • Jeremey- Horhey the sloth
  • Daniel- Dominique A.K.A. Dom the African wild dog
  • Mason- Mr. Biggles Worth the cat
  • Wil- Flavious the empire penguin
  • Carson- Boba the harbor seal who is now in the care of Skylar (His relationTIP)
  • Aaron- Dumbo the elephant

And these are just a few.