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Subway Sarah was a persona played by Bryan Fisher on Wear a Skirt Wednesday at Duke East Term 2 2011. Everybody else had cool stripper names such as Kandi, Klassi, and Krystal so Bryan decided that a cooler name was needed. Bryan came up with Subway Sarah due to the popular 5 dollar footlong slogan. bryan's catchphrases were "Eat Fresh ;)" and "I'll do it for more than 5 but it better be a footlong." Subway Sarah was a hit among Brown and CTA and Byan became a slutty girl for one awespome day. Awesome happenings include many accidental and purposeful nip slips and bending over numerous times in a sexy manner. Subway Sarah lives in infamy and greatness and shall never be forgotten as the most filthy, sexy, and mannerless whore to exist among all Duke TIP Wear a Skirt Wednesday participants.