Sumani Nunna

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Sumani Nunna is (currently) a second year third year tipster at the Duke West campus. She's oftenly let known as Tsunami, Salami, Eminem, Potato Child, etc. she attended Davidson T2 her first year and took the class "That's Debatable", complete with jokes of kumquats at koalas. The big brother is always watching, freezing time. Her roommates were Emily Croft and Rae Morris. Sumani was wait listed for Global Finance in 2014, her second year. Sumani is now in genetics at West T2. Her roommates are Elysia Garza and Irene Hung

Davidson Term 2 2013 Alex's Rag idk

Duke West Term 2 2015 Elizabeth's Rag Sumani is in the class genetics and is famous for her quote "diarrhea goats." Her superlative sort of related to this as it was "most likely to give her diarrhia free child to science." I'll let you interpret what that means but basicallt it means she has no ethics and wants to live on an island and breed mutated humans