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Summit Coffee is a delicious coffee shop on Main Street in the town of Davidson. They also serve smoothies. Summit is where many Davidson classes go to read (if they are a literature-type class). TIPsters have been witnessed acting out plays in the upper room and scaring off non-TIPsters. Wonderland to Hogwarts has acted out plays in which everyone was very hyper resulting in plays about love potion waiters, female boogey men, and a curtian being found in a cereal box. Often times, on the last day, classes can be found going here to listen to the Creative Writing classes read aloud, or just enjoying the delicious drinks Summit has to offer.

Term 2 2012: Both Sundays, there was a 9 am and a 10 am trip to Summit.

Term 2 2013: Both Sundays, there was a 9:30 am and a 10:30 am trip to Summit.