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Sung Yong-O was a fourth year fourth year who attended App State term 2 his first year, and UGA term 2 every year proceeding. He was a legendary Tipster who was known for his exceptional brotherhood and bromance with Chris Gregoire, and along with Chris Gregoire, led the students to victory in the Staff-Student Game of 2016. He was known for his incredible flips (which featured heavily in his Backdorm Boys performance), and quiet, yet intense passion for TiP. Despite being quiet, and basically the only person he really talked to thoroughly being Chris, he had a hilarious personality, and was extremely nice and at times sarcastic. His cool and funny personality provided the emotional rock that many Tipsters leaned on for guidance and support. At the end of his last year at TiP, Sung passed down a frisbee that he owned with Chris called the Duo Frisbee to commemorate their contributions to UGA frisbee, and preserve the spirit of the game.

1st year

Sung was very quiet his first year at TiP, but he was known for his ERS skills, which were unparalleled. At the end of the term he performed an martial arts and flip display that was generally agreed upon by tipsters as the best act in the talent show. It was a legendary performance that people remembered until Sung's last year.

3rd Year

This year Sung was roommates with a friend from the year before, Chris Gregoire, and they quickly bonded. He could hardly be found not with Chris, but he didn't mind, as they were as close as two people could get. They ate dinner together, played frisbee every free time together, walked together, slept together (megabed), and spent as much time as possible together. They had an intense brotherhood that made them incredibly close. Sung took Foreign Policy along with a number of other friends, and he had a good time in there. Sung also became fairly close with Trey Avent through Chris, and Caroline Cox. Sung and Chris led the frisbee game but had a devastating loss that they both declared they would avenge the next year. Sung was quiet but he made an incredible impression on many people, especially Chris. On the last day Chris and Sung spent the whole day together, and when it was time to say goodbye, they cried for a long time. They embraced eachother and knew that they would meet again next year.

4th Year

This year, Sung returned to find his brother from last year Chris Gregoire was his roommate once again, and they were elated. Sung took Stones and Bones, and although he didn't enjoy it the first week, made a lot of new friends and had a good time for the last half of the term. He was much more outgoing but still, him and Chris could always be found together, throwing frisbee in preparation for the staff game they promised to win, or just hanging out and talking with their friends. He made many new friends such as Jack Martha, Josh Brandon, Tey Um, as well as a few others. They would hang out pretty much all the time, creating a strong brotherhood. Although still quiet Sung strived to include everyone into all the things at TiP to make it a great place for everyone involved. This year the staff game was postponed, but still played, and that was helpful since he hurt his wrist the first day of term. Sung and Chris led the tipsters to a 6-3 lead at half, in which sung threw a point and caught three. They then went on to win the game 11-6 and was hoisted up onto the shoulders of screaming tipsters as this was the first time they had ever won. At the TipSync he was in Back Dorm Boys with Chris Gregoire, Jack Martha LaMarche, Josh Brandon Bell, and Trey Avent. They performed We've Got it Goin On, and their performance was widely considered the best BDB performance ever, and the best one of term 2, but they somehow got 4th place. Sung went to TiProm with Reese Alley. The last night, Sung went onto the roof with a bunch of other fourth years, and went up multiple times. He luckily was not one of the people caught up there at sunrise, as he ran down quickly with his best friend Chris. The last day, him and his four closest friends, Chris, Martha, Brandon, and Trey sprinted from Myers to Ben and Jerrys to complete the Vermonster. They finished it in 4:44, shattering the record. Then he said his goodbyes to the family he had known for four years, and said goodbye to the place he loved as a home. Him and Chris left together, as he was driving Chris to the airport. He said goodbye to Chris at the airport with only a few tears, as both of them were trying to hold it in and not break down in front of strangers.

Sung was an incredible TiPster, and although quiet had an immeasurable effect on UGA TiP as well as every single person there. He was one of the kindest most genuine people you will ever meet, and I'm proud to say that I call him my brother. I love you Sung, and we will always be family. -Chris