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Chris, aka Super RC, was the RC of a second year boy's RAG. Only 18 in 2017, he was actually in high school for a year with one of the fourth year girls. He was widely known throughout the camp, especially among the fourth year girls, for being incredibly strict and vaguely creepy. He constantly took TIPsters' phones, even when they were doing no harm (or even contributing to the conversation). Additionally, when he was on night duty, he almost always patrolled the fourth year girl's floor. If he heard voices in a room after light's out, he would insist upon entering the room to "check to see if anyone else was inside," allowing the door to close behind him, and watching the girls get back in to bed before he left (allegedly to ensure that they really did get back into bed, despite the fact that they would have to get up to lock the door anyway). He was never observed doing this to anyone except the fourth year girls. He did patrol the Fourth Floor for one night, which was occupied by a third year girls RAG.

How to Interact With Him