Survival bra

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Term 1, 2010, several third years (including but not limited to: Eliza Scruton, Ash Sullivan, Cat McKeown, Alex Sullivan, Darby Rupp, Hayley Mockler, Haley Sheehan, and Haley Cambra) participated in a voracious tearing apart of a terrible story written by one of the group member's friends. it was worse than Twilight. Worse than the series finale of Lost. It was the source of the survival bra inside joke.

When the main characters (teenage secret agents) left their backpacks in the bushes, but suddenly have rope and magic potions on their person at opportune moments with no explanation of their source, Cat suggested that they had been stored in the girls' bras, leading to the invention of the survival bra. The survival bra is equipped with anything you might need in an emergency. Rations, water, first aid kid, parachute, spare glasses, a book for unanticipated trips, flashlight, tampons, a pocket for a phone, etc, all stored in one amazing bra.

Some long range visions include: "If your breasts aren't big enough to fit in the survival bra, evolution will select against you!" And "Boys will eventually develop breasts to avoid extinction."

There was a plan to make shirts reading "Are YOU wearing your survival bra?" but they were discarded due to complications of logistics.