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Surya "Raj" "Bruh" Korrapati hails from Lexington, South Carolina and often makes fun of his home state. He has gone to TIP for 3 years and has said that it is his home away from home. In 2014, Surya was one of the founding members of the Chill Bros rag which is infamous for their apathy and "chill"ness. Overall, Surya has been noted for his catchphrases such as: Dat Boi, Oh heck, whaddup, Got'eem, Bro and Bruh.

Surya is often accredited with introducing the intricate slapping dance when saying "Boi". The slapping ritual, often follows individual preference, but always ends with the person pointing both hands towards another person with all fingers out and a flick of the wrist.

Chill Bros

Surya was one of the founding members of the Chill Bros RAG of 2014. The name originates when the RCs were being called at the introduction, and Surya, along with his ragmates, were stoic when cheering for Noah. The term "chill" was used, and as such, the Chill Bros came into life. On the last day of his 4th Year at TIP, he, Joseph, , Adam and Andrew gave a combined memorable 4th year speech. He, along with his fellow ragmates recounted their times at TIP. They all ended with Surya stating, "our legacy to you all is..." The group then proceeded to perform a series of intricate dance moves ending with them stating "boi".


In the 3rd week of his last term at TIP, Surya purchased a drone and had it shipped to him. Surya was going to ask someone to the Last Dance with the drone the very next day. On June 29th, at lunch, Surya attached a note to the drone reading: "Oh heck, whaddup? Last Dance? -Surya". He successfully flew his drone to Andrew Zaheer (another Chill Bro), who gleefully accepted. Shortly after, Duckie (an RC), confiscated the drone leaving Surya's heart broken.

Surya's Heart

Surya has high-blood pressure/hypertension. In his 4th Year at TIP, Surya took part in a strategy game in his International Relations class called Diplomacy. The game stressed international conflict resolution, while inducing alliances and treachery among the players. As a result, Surya had a mental breakdown and was seen laughing and crying while sitting in a corner of the room (dubbed Albania because of its safe bunkers) with his buddy Sean for about 20 minutes. Soon afterwards, he participated in a Model UN in which he was assigned the Russian Federation (a very stressful job). Surya successfully helped pass 2 resolutions without a hitch. However, during the final topic, Surya relapsed under the United States' pressure (JD Carlton) and had a stress attack in which his heart rate jumped to 135 bpm. Although Surya didn't have a heart attack, the memories of his near-death experience live on.


Year Term Campus Course RC Roommate
2014 2nd Georgia Tech Nuclear Science Noah Joseph
2015 1st Duke East Criminal Trial Advocacy Zayrn Nick
2016 1st Georgia Tech International Relations Dan Tristan