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Swagg Nation is one of the most controversial groups that took part in the Duke TiP program, TAMU 2011 Term 2. From the continuous battle of erasing and hating on this TiPWiki site, it is apparent that Swagg Nation as a group had many people who "frowned" upon it. Of course, at the end of it all, both parties got over the "hating". TiP was just that magical.

To be as respectful and mature as possible, please refrain from deleting this. It would be a heartbreak to see this disappear. Thank you for your time and God Bless you!:)

There has been previous RC groups with the terminology of "swag" included in their name. Swagg Nation is considered one of these groups, except for they made a big impact on their term, and will forever live in infamy.

Swagg Nation itself consisted of all 3rd years. Some had gone to TiP all 3 years, while for some was their first time.

Due to the fragile balance held by people who "frown" upon Swagg Nation... details of their personal stories/experiences will not be written to ensure that at least a small form of written history can be placed onto the foundations of TiPWiki. If they were to be written, this whole article would be immediately taken down and be trolled.

For SwagG Nation, all members (listed near the end of this page) clicked instantly, which was one of the factors that came in to play to create an amazing band of brothers. Known for their "swagg" call, "Butt-busters", and athletic talents, they made themselves known to other fellow RC groups time and time again. With everything they did, though many people will disagree, SwagG Nation were not a group of cocky boys. Each member of SwagG Nation respected all other groups, (Though at times it did not seem so, due to "frowning") and appreciated the importance of friendship and caring for others.

Located in: 3rd floor of Moses Hall, left interior side Led by: RC Nate.

  • Nate, (notoriously known for Super RC) was considered to be one of the most kindest and funniest RC to be within Moses Hall. While the physical appearances of Nate may show him to be a frat boy, RC Nate had one of the deepest understanding and knowledge for all things related to life. Although Nate was known to be a relaxed RC, he had an extremely important and strict side that enforced ALL rules of TiP, which just showed that he was not just a silly clown.

SwaGG Nation won many awards throughout its Term. While some may argue that it wasn't well-deserved, others argue that they won it fair and square, which with evidence can show that they indeed did.

  • State Fair: 1st place Cattle Call/3rd Place Overall

-It should be noted that though they gained an upper hand by getting 1st place, most SwaGG members were too occupied "Swagging" or not earning the sufficient amount of tickets to truly win overall.

  • Rolecall: 2nd Place

-One of the most heated controversies in SwaGG Nation's history. Many people "claim" that the only reason they were placed 2nd was due to 4 separate groups beleaguering the name of SwagG. Even if this was the case, then they've invalidated their own accusations. Damn right we deserved 2nd. However, if a member of SwagG Nation was asked this question, they will reply that they practiced over 3 hours in the sun to perfect their choreography of "What is Love" By Haddaway.

  • Agfest- 3rd Place

With a combination of 2 other groups (as I recall), SwaGG nation was put under the color Grellow. Grellow- Combination of grey and yellow. To this day it is still not clear why they were not named under a normal color, like purple or orange. Out of the three teams, they placed last. Some people suspect an "outside" force that put them into 3rd place. Though the Grellow team won over 40% of the competitions with 1st Places, and many 2nd and 3rd places, they seemed to have placed 3rd. Some of these people call a foul play, due to the infamous SwaGG Nation dominating many of their events. However, there is no actual proof to show that they did indeed were wrongly placed 3rd.

SwaGG Nation impacted many of the activities that were available.

Dances- From the first dance to the last dance, many people approved of the impeccably preppy outfits that S.N had worn. A typical Swagg Member, James Youhne would averagely dress in

  • Skinny brown jeans
  • Multicolored Plaid
  • Necklace
  • Bracelets

The outfits such as this would be a classic example of the wardrobe of many SwaGG members.

Evening Activity- Although many SwaGG members did separate evening activities, many participated the sames ones at certain points. Details of these evening activities of Swagg members are very unclear, although many believe that they dominated in whatever they decided to do as a group.

Dinner- After the first couple days, the students were allowed to sit with other groups and interact. Another unique aspect of S.N was that they all sat together regardless of this freedom. Even more unique was their nightly praying before each meal. They would all wait until the last member arrived, pray, and then continue eating.

As aforementioned above, the "personal" details/successes of SwagG Nation with the opposite gender and other various achievements will not be written. But to be as broad as possible, SwaGG Nation indeed had much swagger.


Austin Partridge: White Studmuffin Roommate of the infamous James Youhne, he was a talented member that everyone loved. He was not only caring, but indeed scored couple of the opposite gender in a very very gentlemanly-like fashion.

James Youhne: Sexiest Asian Alive A 1st year 3rd year, he took part in Entrepreneurial Leadership, (whose class was known to include many attractive ladies.) He was known to be EXTREMELY "swaggalicious". Known for his notorious flatbills, James was seen wearing them. Others liked his left ear piercing, while some did not like him at all for no apparent reason.

  • Edit: no they didnt like him cuz he got all the ladies, literally. i swear he had every girl*

Although James had impeccable taste, he was known to be a shitty dancer, though he did get along rather fine. A respected friend of almost all other RC groups, James was known for his unusual kindness and as many people say "sexy" aura. He ran in the morning runs and held crucial roles in all major events.

Daniel Llanes: Pacific Islander, not asian Another fellow Asian-American in SwagG Nation, almost all of the people in Moses Hall knew him by his mohawk. Each day Daniel Llanes included one of the spikiest, strangely hypnotizing mohawks that one could ever see. Known to be a wrestler and swimmer, Daniel carried a very relaxed and humorous atmosphere around him. Many people report him being a great dancer during the dances as well.

Connor Peet: Ginger Sensation The fond ginger of SwagG Nation, Connor came to TiP from the realms of Europe. Studying in the Video Game production class, Connor was known for his smile that never left his face. Even though he was usually a quiet person, Connor was known to crack the funniest jokes that even I, the creator of this page has ever heard. He will be missed.

Eduardo Silva: Tampico Bro The merciless mustache holder of SwagG Nation, he was one of the funniest man one could be with. Cracking jokes to cheer people up, Eduardo was known to be a great guy to be around, and was never truly harsh to anyone during Duke.

Derrick W: Quiet Storm One of the quieter ones of SwagG Nation, he was an integrated part of the RC Group. Although he was quiet in many ways, he also held a very comfortable atmosphere around him. He also studied Video Game Production with fellow member Connor Peet

Ty Robertson: Cowboy The "cowboy" of SwagG Nation, he was known for his cowboy hat and button-up shirts tucked into his jeans. With a very Southern style of life, he was discovered to be a talented rapper. His smile attracted many females, and he was known to be an outgoing guy that no one could really not "like".

Brian Goines Jr.: Leader of SwagG The unofficial leader of SwagG Nation, Brian Goines Jr proved to be one of the most respected men that I personally have ever met. Known to have gone around the whole campus twice introducing himself, Brian was known by all to be a hilarious black guy that no one could really resist. He was a dedicated runner along with James Youhne, and played basketball and football, (which he proved during AgFest). The number one rapper that SwagG Nation included, he was known for his great freestyling abilities that matched Nate's. Brian himself also attracted many many females.

Carlos Romero: Singing Prodigy The official singing talent of S.N, Carlos was one of the main leaders of the daily singing routes to breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc etc. He was the most cheerful lads of SwagG Nation, and officially holds the "creeper" title by performing the best creeping dancing. Carlos was a man of many talents, singing in the Talent show and playing guitar. Most knows him by his great performance in the talent show.

Jai: Wisest Swagger. Jai was considered the "Confucius" of SwagG Nation. Known for his extremely wise perspectives on every conversation held, he was known to be a quiet, yet charming guy that many intellectual ladies fell for. He played along side Carlos Romero at the Talent show with the guitar, and was known to be a great friend to all.

Reuben: Smartest TiPster I'm going to have to write in first person for Reuben. Reuben has my full respect. He wasn't well known in Moses, but he was the funniest and most cheerful man that I've ever met. He had many challenges to overcome, and I truly regret not spending more time with him. He is truly talented in everything that he does. He is more intelligent and mature than I will ever be. And because of this, I will always try my best to keep in contact with him. Reuben holds great potentials, and I was blessed enough to be close to him over the three weeks.

Jamell: Indian Beast SwagG Nation would lose its spirit without the great Jamell Sirleaf. A close friend of James Youhne, Brian Goines, and Daniel Llanes, Jamell holds many titles at his time during TiP. Known for his infectious laughter and jokes, Jamell could make anyone smile. Known to be very disciplined in times when he needed to be, he proved both spectrum of his life. Jamell was with James Youhne in E.L, and was the Indian football player. In addition, he had held the title for "SwagGest dancer". At dances, it was usually Jamell in the middle of the crowd pulling the dance moves. A great friend, peer, and student to all, Jamell gained the respect of other well-known TiPsters.

Ryan Stevens: Baseball Bro The late addition to SwagG Member, he proved to be one of the most hardened members of SwagG. A baseball player, Ryan Stevens was famously known for his dry-fit clothes. A great friend to all, Ryan proved to have a heart by being in a RelationTip with a gorgeous lady. Ryan cares about all no matter what he may seem like

Ian Barrera: Muscle Stud The most notorious of all, Ian has had complications due to his very outgoing personality. Many people saw him as a disrespectful and uncaring guy, but to the people who knew him closer, Ian Barrera was one of the most caring and respecting guy that another fellow member of SwagG could ask for. Although at times he was too outgoing, most of his times he was seen smiling and caring for others. A fellow baseball player, Ian was one of the most toughened men in Swagg Nation


Donzale Caston: Chillest Dancer Although Donzale was within another RC Group, Donzale was fondly accepted into the official SwagG family. Known for his great smile and laughter, many people knew him as one of the greatest hip-hop dancers that ever set foot at TiP. Donzale was respected by many TiPsters, and cared for all others.

Although many details were left out about SwagG Nation, they will forever go down in infamy. (Infamy as in memory. In no way were they anything else to be considered). After time passed after TiP, most people do know SwagG Nation to be a group of caring guys who enjoyed the TiP experience to the fullest. Some of them had "issues" that usually involved the opposite sex: (The most well-known) -James Youhne -Brian Goines -Jamell

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