Sweet java brown song

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Sweet Java Brown is a song that was (originally) used from Sweet Java Brown's, or Green Team's, DawgFest in 2013, and is set to the song "Sweet Caroline". It was inspired when TiPsters discovered that RC Steven Lyga had it as his nickname when he was a UGA Term 2 original 4th year. As of 2015, the last TiPsters who were there for the creation of this song/were part of the Sweet Java Brown team are gone, but they hope the song will remain. It is still continued as a TiP song, despite it being started two years ago, and will most likely remain being sung by TiPsters for as long Steven remains an RC. The song was originally: Sweet Java Brown, bum bum bum, Green Team's gonna win DawgFest… DawgFest! DawgFest! But now it as sung as: Sweet Java Brown, bum bum bum Steven– if you're reading this, just know you're never living it down.