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Sylvan Perlmutter

A fourth year TIPster 2012 from Dallas, Texas. He first began spreading his awesomeness at idk where.

Someone else please help me fill this out because all I know is that he's funny, a great dancer, won miss TIP last year, and had a sort of relationtip with my friend Gabriella. All my llove!

Fourth Year

Sylvan took the class entitled Utopia, Dystopia, Myopia philosophical perspectives on the technological age, also known as the 'topias class. It was there he enlightened the class with a seemingly limitless knowledge of philosophy; he would often go onto tangents that nobody in the class but the instructor and the TA, who's official ship name is maham (Matt and Graham). Sylvan attempted to overthrow the world in the simulation but succeeded only in killing the entire military of Pac Tech. Supposedly they will rise again someday. In Sylvan's group were Nicole Googe (who would become like a sister to Sylvan), Olivia Van Tine, and MJ.

Sylvan won first place in TiPSync his fourth year with a starring role in the performance of California Girls, which was choreographed by Jackie Keaton. Sylvan wore a princess dress on wear a skirt Wednesday and was absolutely fabulous. In fact, at the end of the term Sylvan was elected most likely to be a princess. He was always wearing cardigans and had a habit of showing up to class almost late and holding a cup of coffee. For the talent show Sylvan played the guitar while Odemi sang. They were very original. Sylvan also did have a relationtip with Gabriella, a very cute romance that ended in Sylvan not saying a last goodbye to some of his friends in order to be with her.

Sylvan is an absolutely amazing person who is wonderful and insightful person who is just wonderful. He always participated in dance circles and the TiP world was lucky to have. All our llove goes to Sylvan, for he was and is truly amazing.