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Commonly Held View:A program you can go to after you graduate from Duke. In the words of a "wise" "man" : "They pay to pick up trash for 2 weeks"

Fact: Duke Leadership is amazing. And yes, while there is the stigma that we "pick up trash", we are actually run by a psychiatrist and we journal a lot. 2008 will be the greatest year ever, or so says Maria S (and Priya F, even though she's not writing this). Rock on.

Really Real Factual Fact: Trash picking never occurred at Duke while during the Duke TIP Leadership Institute Session 2008. As a matter of fact, students spent several hours learning about themselves and the way they interact within a group. This program taught about leadership styles along with how personal traits affect the way people lead. Personality tests helped students to learn a bit more about who they are, and Duke TIP Leadership Institute taught them to become who they want to be. Since when does journaling define a person as mentally ill? Journaling is a way of recording one's thoughts or feelings, which is a vital tool in tracking one's process and growth - such as in the experience here at Duke. Participating in camps, especially scholastic ones, can be both for pleasure as for this alleged resume padding. We all need to pad our resumes, but it is possible to conceive in this day and age of high-achieving students looking for ways to better themselves. It was refreshing to meet other students, who were not only aiming to attend prestigious schools, but enjoy learning and find pleasure in a scholastic experience where they have the opportunity to grow mentally. Growing mentally and aiming to achieve are not psychotic goals, but are the goals of people who will go on to accomplish great things. People who spend time putting students such as these down, referring to them as "trash-pickers," are the type of people who clearly can not conceive of the existence of such high-achieving students, but they better believe it.

Also, we are high school students.. so you might have the wrong program in mind, son.

For what really happens at the TIP leadership institute, see http://www.duketipleadership.blogspot.com/.

Past Classes


We are 36 very extremely different kids who were stuck together 24/7 for two weeks and never wanted to leave. I learned more than I ever expected about myself, the people around me, and how to use my strengths and styles to be a better leader. I have been to TIP for 4 years, and this was my best experience.

"This is the first time I ever got so close to so many different people in such a short amount of time..."


  • Christina A.
  • Samee A.
  • Carly A. (Baby (c)Antelope, Carlton, Carlisle, Carl)
  • Elisa B.
  • Blaire B. (Blaire Bear, BB, BlairBlox, Baby (c)Antelope Sister,Blair B. Heart)
  • Emily B.
  • Jack B. (Jack Jack,Jacky Bear)
  • Liz B. (Lizzzyyy)
  • Cyril C. ("Sexy")
  • Brittany C. (Beast)
  • Malik D. (Poohbear)
  • Priya F.
  • Kathryn G.
  • Devin H. (Frog, Black Devin,Pookie)
  • Megan H. (Meggy, Megsies)
  • Sarah J.
  • Davina J.
  • Vinesh K. (Vinny, "Nay Nay")
  • Frances K.
  • Carrina L.
  • Maggie L. (Maggs, Maggie Moo, Maggus,Gus)
  • Charles L. (Charlie, Chuck)
  • David M. (Big D.)
  • Matt O.
  • Devin P. (Shiner, AC Devin, White Devin)
  • Rosa S.
  • Alison S. (A Thousand Squirrels)
  • Maria S. ("Strat",M.Strat)
  • Senthil S. (Vinesh)
  • Michaela T.
  • Zach T. (Curly-Haired Zach,Zach Attack)
  • Truc V. (Troocy,True,Meg)
  • Catherine W. (Cathy)
  • Connie W.
  • KeJuan W. (KiKi, Kiwi)
  • Rebecca Y. (Re-Bec)


  • Elaine K, Instructor
  • Katy W, Instructor
  • LeAnne M, TA
  • Adam M, TA
  • Kent M, OSD (the devil in disguise)
  • Zach W, RC
  • Alyssa W, RC
  • Beth B, RC


  • Blaire/Devin P.
  • Blaire/Cyril
  • Blaire/Zach
  • Blaire/Vinesh
  • Maggie/Vinesh
  • Maggie/Malik
  • Maggie/Jack
  • Jack/every girl there and their mom
  • Jack/Emily's sister
  • Charles/Carly
  • Charles/Liz
  • Devin H./Kathryn
  • Devin H./Charles
  • Devin H./Liz
  • Matt/Megan
  • Brittany/Kejuan
  • Carly/Sarah
  • Carly/Malik
  • Megan/Vinesh
  • Truc/David (not really IMO...)(yes really.)
  • Strat/TA Adam (i just wanted him to be my big brother! haaahh)
  • Jack/Carly
  • Jack/Catherine


  • Brittany/Kejuan
  • Blaire/Vinesh - "Last Nighters"
  • Charles/...Meat?

The LeaderTIP Playlist

  • Don't Stop Believin'- Journey
  • Drops of Jupiter- Train
  • Shake It- Metro Station
  • Everytime We Touch- CASCADA
  • Hey Mami- FannyPack
  • Hips Don't Lie- Shakira
  • Crash Into Me- DMB
  • Scientist- Coldplay
  • Heart of Glass- Blondie
  • Milkshake- Kelis
  • Ain't No Mountain High Enough
  • Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls
  • Satisfaction
  • the iCarly theme song
  • What You Got- Colby O'Donis
  • Busta Rhymes- Don't Touch Me Now
  • David's Piano Song?? (Cao Cao)
  • Young Jeezy- Black Dreams (The Mafia Song)
  • Every song off of Tha Carter 3
  • This Woman's Worth- Maxwell
  • A Whole New World-Alladin
  • Get like me- david banner
  • Wait for you-Elliot Yamin
  • Houki Boshi- Younha
  • Sweet Caroline
  • American Pie


  • "JIMMY!!!"
  • "People need meat. Meat now... meat forever!"
  • "I caught the CLASP"
  • "Uhh Carly may or may not be vomiting..." (For the record, I was not.)
  • "MEAT"
  • "Oh, wow, it just comes right out, doesn't it?"
  • "Adam, the way you spread that peanut butter reminds me of the moment I had my first child..."
  • "Keep that shit low"
  • "I'd tap that"
  • "What if they retaliate?"
  • "People. Need. Meat."
  • "And you want to know why I won't show you?? Because you are an XX chromosome - GO WASH A DISH!"
  • "Now I'm hungry... GO MAKE ME A SANDWICH"
  • "Truc in a trashcan!!"
  • GRUNT (like Devin)
  • "Why so serious?"
  • "The clasp. Highness of voice. Tightness of balls"
  • "Cause the sun never sets on a bad ass..."
  • "You must be outside your mind"
  • "SAMEE! :)"
  • "I will cuttt you"
  • "The back of yo head is ridiculous"
  • "Do you burn your forest?:
  • "We're going to kick their asses!!!"
  • "Its gettin really fuckin old guys!"
  • "Sir,yes sir!"
  • "Cookie Monster,nom nom nom"
  • "No Homo"
  • "Have you gotten morning wood since you've been here?"
  • "Die,Emos,Die!"
  • "(Random Names) Sarah!Tammy!Brittany!Megan!"
  • "Make love to the balls"
  • "Lets go to Whole Foods"
  • "Pshh haha...Stop it..."

03:21, 30 July 2008 (UTC)~ TIP CD!!! ADD MORE PLEASE 03:21, 30 July 2008 (UTC)~

1 dont stop believen 2 shake it 3 crash into me 4 hey mommy you sexy 5 satisfaction 6 everytime we touch 7 drops of jupiter 8 scientist 9 aint no mountain high enough 10 wait for you (davids piano song) 11 what you got 12 whole new world 13 busta rhymes - dont touch me now 14 hips dont lie 15 houki boshi 16 cao cao