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TiP Moses is a new (2011) tradition at Term 1 of UGA. The tradition carries back to Term 1 of 2010 when Dillon McDermott and Maddy Longacre had created the first ten TiP Commandments. The Commandments were written on a kick board suited for children to learn how to swim. The Commandments were written up during evening study, circa week 2/week 3. The Commandments were co-created being actually placed on the tablet by Maddy Longacre. It was then decided that the Commandments were to be passed down to a third year who possessed the absolute, true spirit of TiP. On the last day of Term 1, 2010, Hannah "Penelope" Lefton was given the Commandments in honor of TiP spirit from years past. It was not until the end of the first week that Dillon McDermott had received the Commandments again on June 18th. That day, he had dressed up in royal garb and toted around the Commandments. Later, the Shtaff was found and Dillon had become the first TIP Moses. Following the second week, the fourth year boys had decided that there was a necessity for another set of Commandments. The first true heir of the Commandments was Caleb Hall. Caleb Hall received both the Commandments and the Shtaff. He took the Shtaff to his dwelling place and furbished and engraved the Shtaff to read "TIP = LOVE."

Maddy and Commandments.jpg ~The Writer of the Original Ten, Maddy Longacre.


Dillon.jpg ~The First TiP Moses

In the summer of 2014 when the Shtaff was passed on to Rhys Switzer, he took it to his place of dwelling and set out to preserve the Shtaff and add a new tradition. He preserved the wood and burned the "TIP = LOVE" permanently into the wood. He then burned all the names of all the Moses and their years into the wood in the hope that future Moses would do the same and therefore leave a small mark on the now well established tradition of UGA Term 1.


  • In the Commandments of TIP. TIP and LOVE are used four times to symbolize the four years of TiP
  • There are 20 Commandments and 20 days that TiPsters are actually present at camp.
  • The Shtaff is a mix between the word Shaft and Staff. As of the summer of 2014, it has become tradition for each Moses to add their name and year onto the Shtaff.
  • The holder of the Commandments generally leads the pack and is complained at or to depending upon the duration and ending location of the "Great Journey." This is a biblical reference to the book of Exodus.

The Commandments

The Commandments are not only exclusive to Term 1 or UGA. They are Commandments of TIP. It embodies the souls of every true TiPster.


2. Always obey the 4th years

3. beware of cafeteria ladies

  • sidenote: this rule does not apply to Sandra at Snelling in UGA. She's an absolute sweetheart*

4. (BTW... You’re no actually here for class!)

5. GET SOME! (TIP babies do exist!)

6. Dances = Hot, sweaty, crying messes

7. Jam sessions required

8. It is in fact a rite of passage to get hit in the face by a frisbee

9. Thou shalt shalt be rid of thine innocence

10. Again.... TIP = F****ing LOVE!!!

11. TIP will forever be LOVE.

12. Be yourself.

13. Accept everyone. No exceptions.

14. Make every year your best year.

15. Be open to new things.

16. The Circles are holy.

17. This is your real home.

18. TIP is unity.

19. TIP never ends.

20. TIP is unconditionally, inexorably, the essence of LOVE.




Sealth to Jared.jpg

  • TiP Moses
    • Dillon McDermott (2011)
    • Caleb Hall (2012)
    • Sealth Womack (2013)
    • Jared Sterling (2014)
    • Rhys Switzer (2015)
    • Dylan Clyne (2016)
    • Mary Elizabeth Marquardt (2017)
    • Lucy Bowling (2018)
    • Miriam Crotwell (2019)
    • Katie Carlson (2020)