Tip Spirit

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The Beginnings

Although nobody knows where the Tip Spirit truly originated, his/her actions were first witnessed at the [Georgia Tech] camp. He/she regularly goes around the dorm, erasing and marking different objects. It is unknow how the Tip Spirit picks its next target, but it is has been linked to nonTipropriate activities

It's most notable exploits include:

  • The creation of a rather curious collage of feathers, pictures of RCs, and glue for the Orientation safety videos
  • The repeated moving of above Collage around the dorm, most particularly the door of the first stall in the second bathroom of the second floor
  • The drawing of various phrases (Some variation of "The TIPSpirit sees all," etc.), images, and facial features (Large mustaches, discomfortingly large and crude eyes, etc.) on the "Memes" posted on the windows of the second floor
  • The causation of multiple various minor phenomena around the Dining Hall, dorms, and classrooms