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The TIP United Nations started as an argument between Lily and Elizabeth as New Zealand and Russia. They were the first two countries in the United Nations of TIP. Hannah as Germany was the third country and it continued from there and turned into a meeting where the countries started taking over unclaimed land. Russia was the winner of the power grab after the first meeting after taking all of Asia, Central America, Mexico, and some of South America. Germany was second place with a lot of Africa and a lot of Europe. The United Kingdom got to borrow Mozambique for a week (UK really likes lobster). All the countries refer to themselves in the third person. Russia continually tried to steal New Zealand's economy by stealing her sheep and selling them on EBay. America bought most of them and the UK bought 2 of them and gave them back to New Zealand. The meetings were held at lunch. This was not originally based on Hetalia. Some of us won a hard fought battle to make it NOT a Hetalia roleplay. This page was made directly after the last meeting.

The list of members is here:

  • Elizabeth (Russia)
  • Lily (New Zealand)
  • Hannah (Germany)
  • Anacat (Denmark)
  • Zoe (Canada)
  • Annie (United Kingdom)
  • Paige (Ireland)
  • Heather (Austria)
  • Justine (Guam)
  • Sam (North Korea)
  • Lahari (Switzerland)
  • Madeline (Finland)
  • Catherine (Cyprus and Greece)
  • Niki (America/Italy) (honorary member, not technically a real member. Co-owner with Lily and Elizabeth)

(Many of these people are members of the Meese Cult 2, and everyone but Niki is part of the Davidson Term 1 Creative Writing camp)