TIP Zombie Apocalypse

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The TIP zombie apocalypse was a situation put forth by debate class at Davidson college in term 2 of 2015. Essentially, a classic zombie apocalypse would occur, all staff would be gone, and zombies would surround the campus. Each class would serve a purpose in a makeshift government created by the TIPsters. In debate's original model, Debate would lead this new government, History of Guilt would serve as the judicial system, Math would collaborate with Engineering and Architecture to create defenses and barricades, cryptography would do communications, Modern Medicine would act as doctors, Biology would try to engineer a bio weapon or cure to use against the zombies, as well as study the zombies, Psychology would serve as counseling for the TIPsters, The Brain: Intelligence and Creativity would study zombie behavioral patterns, and creative writing and the Shakespeare class, deemed effectively useless, would serve as workers in remedial labor situations, cleaning and cooking. Scott G, a proud Shakespearian, came up with an alternative model that had a collection of leaders, one from each class, voting on various decisions. This model also included the Shakespeare and Creative writing classes putting on shows to humanize the survivors. This changed the role of Debate temporarily to remedial tasks, supply runners, and zombie bait as revenge, before eventually settling them in mediators and negotiators between TIPsters. Derision in the ranks would be bad. Eventually this apocalypse became prayed for, as it would mean the students would never leave TIP.