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Term II 2017

Not so long ago, there were a few Tipsters at Austin College. "Take the L" was a common phrase used. All tipsters knew it well. If you dropped anything in the cafeteria, you would "Take the L", if your chair fell over -"Take the L", and if you were sitting in the judge seats in the mock courtroom during a debate, you also got the "L". If you took the "L", you obviously had problems that needed fixing. Now you had two types of RCs, ones that thought this was hilarious, and ones that found this to be disrespectful. After tipsters were told to not give the "L", they disobeyed, and did it silently. Instead of yelling about it in the cafeteria, they would whisper is harshly.

An L Story

The Blue Team for field day will be going down in history as "The Blue L Givers". Their captain, was elected solely on the fact that he did not have an L in his name. Apparently, he had no intentions of becoming captain, but felt it was calling him. He did not want his team to be shamed for some other unworthy person, who had the disgraced letter "L" in their name.

Inside Jokes

"That's not tippropriate!"

"What are doors? Capitalism!"

"Don't do lemonade kids."

"Do you need a fresh pancreas?"

"Let me go eat some Advil"

"Bone growth?"

"Don't remind him about the goat song."

"Zac Efron!"

"What's the point of living if we're all gonna die?"

"I thought this was a smart camp."

"BTS! (Boys That Sing)"

"Trees grow back, humans don't."- Debater "Trees don't grow back like that.*clap in upwards motion*"- Biased Field Bio Person to Debater

Second Floor Food Parties

"I broke my scalpel!" "Might as well just use my scapula" "basically the same thing...right?"


"Are you blind?" "No, i'm deaf"

"Can I have that dog... BONELESS?"