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Talisman was a board game played by TiPsters at Duke West Term II 2013. It rocked. Only three full games were ever completed, with the winners being Harry Noell (source of the game), Cameron Seitzman (The most epic RC/TA ever to walk the face of this earth), and Tully Weshallnotspeakofthis. Prominent players included:

  • Jack Bloomfield, God of the Rubik's Cube. Never won a game, as he received horrific luck. Favored character: Prophetess.
  • Cameron Seitzman, as mentioned before. Only played twice, but somehow destroyed us all. Official God of Talisman. Favored character: Prophetess.
  • Harry Noell, source of the game. Favored character: Troll. (THUMP)
  • Nik Bramblett, memer and internet jockey extraordinaire. Favored character: Magus.
  • Casey Wexler: She of the goggles and insanity. Favored character: Sorceress.
  • Tully Goldrick. We shall not describe him, as his insane thirst for the blood of his fellow players is the stuff of legend. Favored character: whichever killed the most.
  • Aaron Lewkowiez, whose boundless enthusiasm for the game would make him worthy to inherit it, if Harry was willing to give it up. (Spoiler alert: he wasn't.) Favored character: Wizard.
  • Will, who is almost always forgotten. Favorite character: Unknown.

Commonly heard at a game of Talisman:

Wizard is OP.

Prophetess is OP.

Troll is OP.

Gnome is OP.

Unicorn is OP.

Magus is OP.

Prophetess is OP.

Sorceress is OP.

Warrior is OP.

Cameron is OP.


"Misfortune plus Random. You are now a Toad." "**** you!"

Acquisition. I take the One Ring to Rule them All.

How many ****ing dragons are there?!?!?!

Demon! Seriously!?!?

I use the Orb of Knowledge to skip (insert mildly bad thing here) and instead draw... a dragon. Of course.