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An RC at Davidson College 2019

Fantastic Fourteen: 2019 Term 1


  • Molly: Most Likely to be a secret agent
  • Priyanka: Hardest Partier
  • Riyah: Most Likely to break her stuff
  • Ama: Best Hypewoman
  • Maddox: Most Likely to injure someone
  • Diana: Most Likely to use a fake British accent
  • Kiera: Most Likely to break out in dance
  • Lauren: Most Likely to
  • Dahliah: Most Likely to become a track star
  • Yejun: Most Likely to become Edgar Allen Poe
  • Hannah: best texter and meme maker
  • Annabelle:
  • Sydney: Best hair
  • Soraya: Most likely to use the ace of spades (violence card)

Tales of Us


  • “Lauren’s just salty” -Maddox whenever she got the chance
  • When will you learn, When will you learn, THAT YOUR ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES! -Soraya all the time
  • “Maddox, want a snack?” -Molly while holding out tide pods