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Taylor Pasche is an RC at Trinity University in 2013. She was a 4x4 TIPster before she became the fabulous RC she is today. She is amazingly talented in the art of theater + she is definetly one of the residential counselors that deserves a spot in "The RC Hall of Fame". She's completely chill and loooooves musicals and the 20's.She will one day catch kids kissing, that is the one thing she wants to get kids in trouble for as an RC, we even created codes. Code 8: PDA about to happen, Code 9: PDA, Code 10: Taylor missed PDA. She's not afraid to talk to her group about the many wonderful facts of life (if you catch my drift) and her amazingness is well known throughout the galaxy of unicorns.

Taylor Quotes

  • Your incompetence shall not be tolerated: used when talking to slow pizza delivery people and people who are annoying you
  • Come on now, son: used as a follow up to "your incompetence will not be tolerated" or just to display disbelief at the stupidity one just said
  • Too many chillen: used at lunch/dinner when the Mormons and army are also there and there are many people
  • Bueno? Bueno: used to make sure we got everything Taylor just said
  • What happens in Taylor's room stays in Taylor's room: the Vegas rule; used when we talk
  • Maowh vs. Mah
  • Dynene: used as cuss word (ex. shut the DYNENE up!)

The One and Only True Lovely Ladies

The one and only true group of "Taylor's Lovely Ladies" include the following:

  • Christina Ji (the azn Batman; most likely to need re-explaining)
  • HyeonJeong Park (AKA Angie; most likely to start hallway dramas)
  • Carrie Zhang (platypus; most likely to refuse to dance at dances)
  • Mary Frances West (most likely to take charge; most likely to accidently hit a dog with a volleyball)
  • Natalie Northcutt (Nate; most likely to help Angie up)
  • Nina Pelias (most experienced with hair and makeup)
  • Hannah Levy (most innocent)
  • Elizabeth Ellis (most likely to be texting a guy at any time)
  • Emily Blakley (most likely to be the only one to know the musicals Taylor talks about)
  • Sachi Khemka (most likely to not pack shorts)
  • Meghan Toomey (most likely to not take things seriously)
  • Anna Altmann (most likely to be reading at any given time)
  • Taylor Pasche ( most likely to be the best rc ever and create memories for her rc group)

no group will EVER be as shamazing as this one. The world will explode into narwhals if that happened. Bueno?.....Bueno.

This is completely solid and everyone to come in contact with this awesome RC must stay classy or they'll turn into a Dynene. If you have food network nights with Taylor you'll know what I'm talking about ;)