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Taylor Thomas was a super sweet, totally amazing girl, who loved to laugh and sneak around with fourth year boys. :) She was beautiful inside and out, with a short hairstyle for all four years. Her first year, 2011, she went to Appalachian State University Term 1. Her second, third and fourth years she went to Duke West Term 1. She was totally in love with TIP, which most definitely made TIPression very hard on her after the terms.


Taylor's second year at West, she had a crush on Grant Gerwitt (second year in her class) practically the whole time, but he had a girlfriend, and near the end she and Robert Epstein (third year) liked each other. Taylor's third year, she first liked Robert, but he had a thing going with Katherine (another fourth year), so she was quick to move onto Zac Lewis. Zac Lewis (fourth year) was a very charming, funny guy who got his lanyard taken away for going to the Bryan Center by himself. He carried Taylor down the fourth year red carpet. Taylor's fourth year, she started out with this really mean guy named Andrew in her class, by the end of the second week, she realized he wasn't right for her and moved on to really like this third year boy named Remy; but the last night, she and Travis Mercer seemed really close, especially in the early hours of the morning on the roof.


Taylor's first year she took Myths and Legends. Taylor's second year, she took Primate Biology; her third year, she took (I can't remember the name of it but it was basically like a Skulls and Bones class), and her fourth year, she was determined not to let Veir's, Will's, or James' legacy die, so she took Electrical Engineering.

Best Friends

Each year, Taylor became super close with someone. Her second year at West, she became really close to Lily Hunter, who was a third year in her class. Her third year, she became really close with Sydney Britton, who was in her class and rag, and she was sort of close with Keely Meloche that year, but she was in a separate rag, so they weren't as close. Her fourth year, Taylor was best friends with her roommate, Keely Meloche. (I once heard them say they rigged the system, by writing the same exact things or something, but I'm not too sure.)

Relations after TIP

Taylor had a habit of making friends after TIP into more than friendTIPs (if you know what I mean). Her second year, she started up a thing with Ariel. Her third year, she started up a thing with Vivek after TIP and later with Kenny, and I'm not too sure now, but I think she might start up a thing with her home town boy Travis Mercer.

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