Teach Guys How To Kiss/Dance

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I personally find the theory that TIP is a breeding program run by the CIA to produce smart people very plausible. However, the CIA did not consider the fact that smart people are often total nerds, and total nerds have no social life. People of the 'nerdy guys' persuasion often have less experience with relationships and the things that go along with them than do nerdy girls. Therefore, Christina's East Term 2 2006 RAG implemented a strategy. They ran a social behaviour school. It all began one day, when someone came up and said to one of the RAG members: 'I'd like to dance with that girl but I don't know how to slow dance!' So, they went through the basics of asking someone to dance, dancing, having an awkward conversation while dancing, and allowing that several minutes of awkwardness to develop into a relationTIP. All of which they managed to do successfully for many confused guys, while trying not to look like sluts as they dances with many different people. During a now infamous Truth or Dare game, Christina's RAG discovered how many guys had not kissed/made out before, and proceeded to teach them, to the great confusion of the RHL and the RA.