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Team Fabulous is a group of four Austin College TIPsters, created in Second Term 2014. It's mascot is the Bagel Bear, and many words have been created by it's members, Jessica Bonnen, Noble Song Watson, Azili "Azazel" Omar, and Jacob Lonon.

Quotes, Mantras, and Their Stories

Bagel Bear

Bagel Bear is a sentient being, the God of all things bagel and bear. He came to be after Jacob was late to work for skinning a magical bear that hijacked his bus, the skin which he used as a magic carpet to fly to work. Bagel Bear was developed more after that, and is said to have a filling of cream cheese.


An insult created by Team Fabulous Member Noble "Nobu" Song Watson. "You casuals"


A popular topic inspired by the "Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life," video. From me, don't look it up.


The character from a novel by Cassandra Clare, this term was inspired after a dramatic reading of a mostly not TIPropriate scene from the story. He is often paired with "Sebastien's Spicy Sausage", or trying to bake.


Lyrics to this song by "Bastille" were banned in the Creative Writing class after Jacob chanted them too much.

"Like Team Rocket But Better!"

A description used for Team Fabulous, thought of by Noble Song, Jacob Lonon, and Jessica Bonnen.

Honorary Members

Audrey- Audrey was given honorary membership after involving herself in the daily unofficial meetings held under an alcove to play ERS and just talk or write creepy Doctor Who fanfiction involving carpets. She even earned herself a demon nickname "Abadon".

Rayna- Rayna was the roommate of Jessica, the pair who drank a lot of energy drinks and even wrote 1/15th of a bestselling romance novel. They deemed their room "Realm of the Fangirls" after discovering a shared love for Magcon and various YouTube celebrities. She, sadly, did not receive a nickname, however, is a part of the "Polyamourous Marriage".