Term 1 2015

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  • Shut up and Dance
  • I Really Really Like You
  • American Pie
  • Riptide

RAG Rivalries

  • Between "The Brotherhood", "The Turtles", and "J-Money and the Dolla Bills"
  • "The Brotherhood" was formed first

Colin's RAG has no rival cause everyone is to afraid to go up against them

Inside Jokes

  • The Wave
  • Jesus Juice
  • No wifi
  • It's a liability!!
  • It's a fire hazard
  • Darn it Jerry
  • minus 100 points
  • this is necessary
  • TIPression Therapy
  • My turtle swims sideways...
  • The burning bush
  • Savage


  • Sarah and Tyler (from EPS)
  • Simone and Creston
  • Grace-Anna and Nicol├ís (OTP)
  • Emma and Logan
  • Aaditya and Esther
  • Phillip and Scarlet
  • Bobby and Wifi Liam
  • Kai and Thalia