Term 2 TIP Prom 2012 Fiasco

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At TIP Prom during Term 2 of 2012 at UGA , the dance was ending with American Pie as by tradition. Suddenly, during the middle of the song, the lights in the ballroom of Memorial Hall had turned on. A few minutes later they were turned back off. Afterwards, after the song was ended, everyone was crying and comforting each other as usual, but at the same time, they were being pushed out of the Ballroom. The manager of the building stressed the time constraint the TIPsters had in the ballroom, but began to abuse his power. He was the one who turned on the lights during American Pie, and tried to push out over 180 crying TIPsters. Term 2 RLC David McCoy stood in front of the building manager who tried to turn on the lights a second time and said, "If you want to turn off the lights, you'll have to go through me". The manager then told David and the other staff members to make the TIPsters leave, even though they had about 10 minutes left. David replied, "If you want the TIPsters to move out, you'll have to do it yourself." The manager could not retaliate against the statements and gave up. The TIPsters were escorted out of Memorial Hall on time, and from that point on, David was heralded as a hero for standing up against a jerk who tried to kick out the TIPsters early.