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Term 3 is basically anybody who has to stay at campus because of transportation issues.

On the last day of Term II 2009 at TiP at Texas A&M, bad weather caused one flight to be canceled and another delayed out of College Station, Texas to Dallas, Texas. Because of this, 8 TiPsters were forced to stay an extra day, thus creating the mythical Term 3.

OSD (site head honcho) David took over this small RAG by becoming their FosteRC. TA Tim dubbed this group "RC David's Divas" after much deliberation. This RAG holds the record of being the only co-ed RAG since they were disbanded in the early years of TiP. The epicness transcends many levels of TiPtasticness. Much fun was had by all, except David, who doesn't count because he's staff. This is also when David discovered the art of pop-up cards.

The participating TiPsters who were part of Term 3 were Holden, Jason, Guneev, Terry, Cheeto(Charles), Xavier, Lindsay, and Nikki

Rumors are that there were the beginnings a relationTiP during the short Term 3

All tipsters received orange lanyards in honor of participating in the legendary Term 3, and the "no boys in girls rooms or vice versa" rule was lifted, since there were only 2 girls, with the condition that the door was left open. Lights out was extended to the point where the staff deemed it necessary for the TiPsters to go to bed for early flights the next morning.

Points to David for taking his "Divas" out to dinner at Fitzwilly's, a well known bar in College Station's Northgate. He also warded off a rogue tipster who showed up with his family, and a candy bar, after the camp had officially closed to all others.

An honorary termbook page was also created for the Term 3 TiPsters by RC Liz, who was the entire Term 3 Termbook Committee.

A second Term 3 known as Term Holden occurred in 2010 at Texas A&M after Term II again, when only his plane was cancelled. This might make Holden the TiPster to attend the most terms of TiP.