Term I 2k19 Social Psychology

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Class inside jokes-

“My favorite movie villain is hades because he’s simply a sassy icon.”

“Nah nah nah I don’t want that unicorn using its magic on Me”


“But like, the difference is, you have to manhandle them”

“Hugs are hugs, hugs are comforting”


“Common guys who put flex tape.. I respect it”

“Who killed jfk? I DID”

  • a guy* “I didn’t choose to be a creepy little girl it just happened”

“Who all has a lacrosse team at there school? I do. Rose, you’re homeschooled”

“You know when you see a knife and you’re like ‘I cOuld mUrdEr my WhOle family and rUn away to mExiCo’”

“You might be a little scared but like... don’t be”

“I’m gonna slap you. I’m legit gonna hit you. - do it - No if I’m gonna hit you it’s gotta be when you aren’t expecting it”

“You wannabe baby skin”

“... squirrels only find 16% of the nuts they hide. Isn’t that just sad?”

”help. When I freak out I go all Italian”

“James! Now is not the time for inter-racial chalk!”

“Service dogs can’t do parkour.”

“Does anyone have a dongle?”

“Too much playtime in the b-room”

“It’s almost time for lunch beaches .... don’t ever say that again”

“yEs mAaM I DiD”

“I love breakfast. That was LUNCH”

“Did anyone not get sex that wants to?”

Alex gaining the heelies from Trent

Joey, aka god

Ruby, randomly aggressive in discussion. Likely to kill.

Lil Phoebe, big dick energy

Vicky, able to diss cayman and spill every secret he’s ever had

Cayman, in most dire need of a belt and some abba music

Sophia, in constant need of a person to use a pillow

Annie, randomly the most eccentric person

Isabel. Looks innocent but is almost always the mafia

Faith, quiet usually until randomly she attacks you with one of the best ideas you’ve ever heard

Jasmine, prefers to swallow her anger

Lakshmi, random wheezes and screeches

Alexa, play me despacito

Trent, always lives in parkour

Rose, there are no words

Jenny, furiously typing every word in notes

Iliya, most likely to piss heather off

Ada, kindly attacks you

James, loves to make that condom tea