Tey Um

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Tey Um was a first year fourth year who was an avid contributor to the UGA family during his first and final year at the campus. He went to UGA term 2, where he was in Haramrit's RC group. He had the great fortune of being paired with a group of fourth years who were all very knowledgeable about TiP, and all very passionate about the campus. Tey quickly became friends with his fellow fourth years, and had an overall great time with his fellow daddies. Tey took vet med, and became very close with his class. Tey was a big help in the Staff v. Student game, and was one of the main reasons why the Tipsters beat the staff, he also contributed to Martha's and Trey's talent show ART, in which he tried to hookup his phone's bluetooth for six minutes. Tey was a vital part of TiP at UGA, and even though he was only there for one year, he had a big impact on the campus, and made some terrific friends.