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That's Debatable Term 1, 2018

  • Katie and Kevin
  • Michael SIEGEL
  • Landon (Rick Astley)
  • Faith (Hope and Charity)
  • William (
  • Violet (Won Twice)
  • David the weeb (makoto best girl)
  • David Han (XD)
  • Vishal (Vishil) ....oh
  • Eddie (Won Twice)
  • Edward (OJ/Despacito/Ali-a)
  • Carolyn The Gay Overlord
  • Pranav (Pro Fortnite Mobile Player)
  • Christopher (Chris)
  • Sunny (The Random Recorder)
  • Gavin (Doge shirt)
  • Alex the Republican

That's Debatable Term 2, 2016

  • Catherine and Chelsea
  • Jake (From State Farm)(With extra Farm)
  • Jacob (Also from State Farm)(With extra state)
  • Sarah (with 2 h's)(Sahara)
  • Lulu
  • Kate
  • Serena (most likely a serial killer)
  • Rohan (that crazy guy)
  • Jacques (The Frenchman)
  • Carly
  • Julia
  • Emily
  • Nelson (Rap God) (Used Car Salesman)
  • Alan
  • Daniel (:I)

That's Debatable Term 2, 2015

Hmmmm... How can I sum this up? The BEST CLASS EVER!!! That's debatable.

  • Don't be a hater, be a debater!
  • Debate squad is the dream team!

Human Beings in the Class

(Names appear in the order on shirt)

  • Hannah (Pop Tart)
  • Audrey
  • Victoria (the most awesome)
  • Iman
  • Andy (Toaster Strudel/ Walking Stack exchange advertisement)
  • Madison
  • Lee
  • Colin
  • Suyash
  • Anna
  • Ben (Chopsticks/Creater of this page (No thanks to you Andy smh))
  • John (Chief)
  • Chris (SassMaster)
  • Isa
  • Tiffany (TA)
  • Josh (Teacher)

Memorable Moments

  • Suyash calling topicality on his opponent calling of topicality
  • Christopher eating the children
  • Suyash's self assassination as RFK
  • Andy having multiple stack exchange shirts, stack exchange sharpies, a stack exchange hat...
  • Christopher's sassy speeches (toned down when partners with Victoria)
  • Thaaaaaattttssss Debaaaaataaable" courtesy of out wonderful TA Tiffany (mocked the best by Victoria)
  • in the library (Shhhhhh)
  • Hannah's epic save of the laptop from falling off the podium
  • Ben pouring salt in one eye and pepper in the other (accidentally?)
  • John being a double agent
  • Suyash's use of psychological warfare against Madison.
  • Ben's random clapping and snapping during class
  • Colin's sudden bouts of sleep during class (earned him the RAG tag of "Most likely to sleep during class")
  • Victoria being a savage/the best person in the entire class

Notable Quotables

  • "I WONDER WHY?!"

Andy famously exclaimed this after John poured salt on his ice cream, licked it, and said "It tastes salty"

  • "Don't ask don't tell"

Another quote of Andy's. In his speech on Daniel Inouye, he mentions the bill "Don't ask don't tell". Ben later turns this into a reply whenever he finds it fit

  • ""

Colin used this "source" in the GMO debate. Colin denied the fallacy of the source during cross-ex stating "It's an ORGanization!" Although its illegitimacy was eventually proven, it has inspired many others like it such as:, etc. and set an example of an unreliable source.

  • "I don't have a favorite song" By Andy Tockman

When asked what his favorite song was, Andy cleverly gave this response.

  • "Okay...So!"

Ben used this to start his speeches. All the speeches. Usually preceded or followed by a clap, snap, or both.

  • "LET ME FINISH!!!"

During cross-ex, when Victoria tried to stop Suyash in order to ask another question...

  • "If he can't be serious, why should we have to listen to him?"

In the 1NR, Christopher posed this question to Colin, earning him the title of SassMaster

  • "You sounded like children were dying"

John gave this piece of feedback after Christopher gave a particularly intense speech. John later states that this was in part influenced by Ben's frequent humanitarian references. No words on either's mental states... (Vegetarian eats veggies. Humanitarian eats...)

(UN)Official Activities

  • Making spin-offs of rock paper scissors (Rock, Paper, Scissors, Asian, Gun, Carl; Rock, Paper Scissors, Pink Tape, Tree, Duck, Tipster; NaMgOFeH-C (Basically RPS except with elements) Etc...)
  • Flowing songs
  • Drawing lots of cartoons on various mediums (Paper, People, Shirts...)
  • Watching debates hosted by the NFL (National Forensics League)
  • on the library computers when finished (Yeah, when finished...)
  • Sketching the periodic table and using it to spell people's names
  • Taking lots of notes
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Typing
  • Making all the -Lee jokes (Serious-LEE Real-LEE Nice-LEE etc...)
  • 6 minute quick debates.

Quack Language

  • Long Quack means Goodbye
  • Two Quacks means Stop
  • (Please add more. I don't know many of the rest)

Memorable Debates

  • Andy Vs Colin; Sleeping Vs Reading

This debate was over whether sleeping was better than reading with Andy defending sleeping and Colin defending reading. What made this one interesting was that both sides had to defend the topic that they did not advocate for. Thus a slew of jokes were to be had from to Colin's hilarious description of how books were magical and could take you to places like the Amazon (people started tearing up from laughing).

Why the debate room could be cursed

  • Multiple people got sick/had to leave
  • Multiple umbrellas were lost/broken
  • Door was locked for some people but unlocked for others
  • Mysterious writing on the wall ("Andy Tockman Wuz Here" specifically but Andy did not write it)
  • Books were more mixed up than the DVD bin at Walmart
  • The class could never return to the room as one (The room makes people go to the bathroom or continue playing ultimate)
  • Multiple buttons were lost (The room ate them!)
  • A whole pack of pencils disappeared one by one (They were Ben's pencils)
  • And worst of all... Andy... Took... Off... His... HAT!!!