The Barry Song

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The Barry Song was a song that was made during West Term 2 2014 to describe a certain RC, Barry. Barry was universally hated by staff and Tipsters, including his own RAG of fourth-year boys. Even though he was a Tipster in his day, he persisted in reminding the Tipsters, particularly the fourth-years, exactly how many days were left in the term. Basically, he was a douche. So on the first Wednesday, Jenna K., a member of Erin's RAG, composed a song to describe him. Sung to the tune of Shots, the lyrics were simply douche, douche, douche, douche, douche, douche, douche, douche, BARRY IS A douche, douche, etc. The song quickly spread throughout the Tipsters, who were careful to keep its existence from the staff. (The staff either never heard the song or never cared enough to stop it). Whenever Barry was mentioned in conversation or encountered on the way to breakfast, the Tipsters would begin a quiet chorus of the song. On amnesty night, Erin's RAG of fourth-year girls decided to share the song with Erin and began singing it as loud as they could. Brandon, the on-site director, emerged from the main office and began dancing down the hall towards the singing girls, calling more office staff out to see, and eventually filming it. Down the hall, Kanise's fourth-year girls also began singing, with Kanise reportedly "singing her heart and soul out".