The Book of Dev

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The Book of Dev is a relatively recent relic at Duke East Term 1. It was officially passed down for the first time in 2016, however the relic originated three years earlier in 2013. The holder of the book reads it every year at the annual Talent Show, and is also in charge of the campus wide Story Time.


The Book of Dev is a copy of 'Oh, the Places You'll Go!' by Dr. Seuss. The copy is a 25th anniversary edition that is signed on the inside of the front cover by all previous relic owners and the year that they had it. The book is passed down every year from a fourth year to a third year, and the holder of the book is in charge of story time, which consists of reading a children's book (typically one by Dr. Seuss) during evening free time, as well as reading the book at the Talent Show.


The book originated in the year 2013 by the incredible RC Dev. Dev not only read 'Oh, the Places You'll Go!' at the Talent Show, but also gathered all the second years in Basset Commons every night before RAG Meetings and read Dr. Seuss books. This led to the tradition of Story Time. Unfortunately, the next year, Dev did not return to East Campus, however the tradition was carried on by a member of his former RAG, Luke Ourednik. Luke read a copy of the book at the Talent Show, as well as continued the tradition of story time with a group of his friends, who were Duco van der Beek, Katie Hyry, Sylvia Ebenbach, Ro Harvey, Henry Santer, Drew Ortiz, and Maria Sottile as well as all others who wanted to participate. In 2015, Luke was unfortunately not able to return, so Duco van der Beek was selected by the story time group from 2014 to continue the traditions. Nightly story time was not continued in 2015, however a copy of the book was purchased from the store on 9th Street to be read at the Talent Show. Because of time restraints it was instead read afterwards in Basset Commons rather than being read at the Talent Show. After it was read, Duco chose to unofficially pass the book down to Ro Harvey for her fourth year, and in 2016 she was the first official holder of The Book of Dev and passed it down at the Talent Show for the first time to Ani Bryce. Ani Bryce is the second official holder of The Book of Dev and passed it down at the Talent Show in 2017. She passed it down to Sadie Siegel (third official holder) who passed it down to Lucy Colangelo during the 2018 Talent Show. In 2019, it was passed down to Carolina Larracilla at the talent show.


The holder of the Book of Dev must first and foremost be able to read. This is a very important skill that is required to be able to proficiently execute story time and the talent show performance. The relic holder must also have a soothing voice that is pleasant to listen to when they are reading. They must also embody the TIP Spirit, and be kind, caring and friendly. The holder is thus called “Duke Mom” by everyone on campus.

Year Name
2013 RC Dev
2014 Luke Ourednik
2015 Duco van der Beek
2016 Ro Harvey
2017 Ani Bryce
2018 Sadie Siegel
2019 Lucy Colangelo
2020 Carolina Larracilla