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The Breakfast Chaches of Rollins T2 2015

The Breakfast Chaches was a friend group the first year Rollins was initiated as an official Duke TiP campus. Because it was new, there hadn't been enough time for the staff to devise campus-specific rules and regulations, and this led to the unregulated exploration and complete exploitation of the campus.

The group consisted of Annika, Anushka, Laura, Ashley, Mel, Angie, Jessica, Sarah, Carlos, Jack, and Nathan. Though Jackson, Rachel, Willa, and Pablo didn't join them for their famous mornings, they were still considered to be a part of the group as a whole.

Who They Were

The Breakfast Chaches was a close group of friends that had breakfast together every day of the term at 8 o'clock sharp. They met on the second floor kitchen at 7:45 daily, and certain people (namely, Nathan, who always stayed up until one watching Netflix) were always late, causing some very angry texts to be sent in the groupchat. Before they made their way to the dining hall, a lanyard check would be conducted, and at least one person would have to go back for their lanyard (usually Mel or Laura). The habitual process slowed down the whole group, resulting Annika, the obvious mom of the group, to be left in a very bad mood.

How They Met & How It Started

There wasn't really any noteworthy way as to how any of them met each other, but they were all significant in a way. Anushka, Annika, Laura, Angie, and Mel lived on the same floor; Laura and Anushka were roommates (their RC told them that she would've never imagined two people to get along so well); Mel and Angie were in the same RC group; Annika, Sarah, Jess, and Ashley were in the same class (WonderWarts); Laura, Carlos, and Willa were in the same class (Creative Writing); Anushka and Rachel were in the same class (Aquatic Biology); Jackson was Annika's friend back home; Carlos, Nathan, and Jack lived on the same floor; and Pablo was popular all around. One day at breakfast, they happened to be discussing TiP songs and agreed that the song "Don't You (Forget About Me)" was one of the best songs of all time. Consequently, they instantly realized how similar they were to the infamous Breakfast Club: a group of friends from different places with completely diverse personalities coming together and realizing they weren't so divergent after all. This led to a life-changing revelation: they were the Breakfast Club! So they changed up the name to The Breakfast Chaches because we were all chaches.

"But," you must be thinking, "what exactly is a chach?" A term first coined by Jack and Carlos, a chach, pronounced ch-aw-ch, is a word used to describe someone who tries to look cool and popular, but comes across as a loser or a try hard. The group, in no form, considered themselves to be actual losers, they simply believed it was funny because some of the guys did try to impress the girls and did come across as kind of lame. They laughed about it then, and they laugh about it now. No hard feelings.

What They Had For Breakfast

No two people ever had the same thing for breakfast, which made things all the more fun and complicated. Annika would always crave potatoes, but was too lazy to stand in line, forcing her to glumly eat fruit loops. Anushka would have yogurt and Nutella (her Celiac's, or gluten allergy, restricted her a lot). Mel, Angie, and Laura loved the coffee, but a simple drink proved to cause a lot of problems. The campus was shared with many other camps (sports, robotics, etc.) but no group could ever compare to the dreaded Volleyball Girls. These said girls would make sure to take every last drop of the french vanilla flavoring, which was the key ingredient to their amazing coffee, and had the absolute nerve to steal all the forks. Laura, who also had two biscuits every morning, once forced Carlos to try the coffee, but he sadly despised it. Sarah would usually have something drenched in Nutella, which never ended well, because she would leave the cafeteria drenched in chocolate. The guys had a large, diverse plate every morning; they never failed to surprise the rest of the table.

Things That Happened At Breakfast

Breakfast in the Dining Hall seemed to become more exotic as the time passed. Annika once threw a tater tot at the Volleyball Girls (in her defense, they deserved it), and almost died from their death glares. Daily fits were thrown and threats were thought of due to the lack of the delectable french vanilla creamer. Ashley once regrettably brought up the fact that they would all need sticks up their butts at 50, which they mistook for 15, and scared poor, innocent Jaxson away. Both Anushka and Carlos managed to lose their coffee virginities, which was exciting to watch. Laura laughed so hard at Carlos' horrible Fetty Wap joke that she ended up throwing up, and he even waited outside to make sure she was alright afterwards. They created their very own messed up family tree, which they could not even begin to explain without sounding absolutely mental. And, obviously, they talked about and constantly shared memes (mostly Pepe).

Hallway Parties

The first Hallway Party began when Mel and Annika were folding their laundry on the first floor hallway. Angie came, most likely because she was bored, and ended up folding laundry, too. Jack came down from his godforsaken floor and, after Mel hurriedly hid her bras, also started folding. After that, everyone began coming down and it was born.

Hallway parties took place on the first floor's carpeted hallway (the only carpeted hallway in the whole building, aka Annika's hall). It was a cul-de-sac hall on the right side of the building that only housed a few dorms. Since nobody regularly walked through the hall, they decided to use it as a meeting point. Many relationTiPs also happened to be created there. For example, Caura (or Larlos) flourished right beside the hall in the laundry room when Carlos asked Laura to the last dance after banging his head against a washing machine because he was so nervous. (Laura even got him to shave his mustache! It was more romantic than it sounds.) Janushka was also created there after convincing Jack to muster the courage to ask Anushka to the last dance. The most cringe-worthy relationTIP created there, in Annika's opinion, was Mel/Jackson from Jacksonville. (They dated after TiP for a year and a half, but eventually broke it off.) They would play music, take videos, learn things about each other, play paranoia, do each other's nails (even the guys), air out their middle nail (once again, Nathan), talk about relationTiPs, share memes, order food, eat, get yelled at for screaming too much, and most importantly, make memories. Jess would also sing and play guitar, and Mel would play the viola. On the final day of camp, it was the Termbook signing hall for most of the building. That hall holds many, many memories, laughs, inside jokes, and soiled tissues from the last day.

The hallway was also the site of many...accidents. For starters, the previously mentioned Nathan suddenly found it in him to violently murder all of the Janushka babies by kneeing Jack in the balls, and everyone shamelessly laughed for ages. On the last night, Annika threw a plastic sprite bottle at Angie's face and her mouth started bleeding. There was also someone who got hit in the balls with a Frisbee. There was also an incident where Annika, Laura, Anushka, and Angie gave a spider a lightsaber leg by painting it with hot pink nail polish and ended up accidentally killing it.

Our Songs

They had many, many songs that reminded them of each other and that were used as inside jokes.

Link to a Spotify playlist made by Laura with all the songs:

  • "American Pie" –Don McLean (OG canonical song)
  • "Time Warp" –Rocky Horror Picture Show (OG song)
  • "It's the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)" –REM (OG song)
  • "Don't Stop Believin'" –Journey (OG song)
  • "We Are Young" –Fun ft. Janelle Monáe (campus song)
  • "Budapest" –George Ezra (slideshow song)
  • "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" –Green Day (slideshow song)
  • "Don't You (Forget About Me)" –Simple Minds (!!!)
  • "Say My Name" –Destiny's Child
  • "It's Time" –Imagine Dragons
  • "See You Again" –Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth
  • "That's How I Beat Shaq" –Aaron Carter
  • "The Final Countdown" –Europe
  • "All Star" – Smash Mouth
  • "Bohemian Rhapsody" –Queen
  • "I'll Make a Man Out of You" –Donny Osmond (Mulan)
  • "Wannabe" –Spice Girls
  • "Talking to the Moon" –Bruno Mars
  • "I'll Be There for You" –The Rembrandts (Friends)
  • "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" –Silentó
  • "Going on a Trip" –Billy Straus (Little Einsteins)
  • "Never Gonna Give You Up" –Rick Astley (we got rick rolled....a lot)
  • "Campfire Song Song" –Spongebob
  • "Dancing Queen" –Abba
  • "3005" –Childish Gambino (Laura and Nathan's favorite)
  • "Single Ladies" –Beyoncé
  • "Shut Up and Dance" –Walk the Moon
  • "Hey There Delilah" –Plain White T's
  • "She's Kinda Hot" –Five Seconds of Summer

Inside Jokes

They had so many, but so many inside jokes, that the ones listed are only the basic. (Looking back on them, they realize how many of these actually became popular, and that scares them.)

  • gr11, m11, and h11
  • rip
  • dead
  • h2O is life
  • ,,,,,,,,,,,
  • put me in a coffin
  • boobested
  • the heart code
  • brain eating amoeeba
  • what even are you?
  • fuack
  • hore
  • my grandparents are a restaurant
  • noice
  • lots of voice cracks
  • puberty moose
  • scrub/scrublord
  • hydrosexuals
  • skrub sin
  • chaches (the best one)
  • scrotch
  • parkour
  • can i have your number? the back of your head is RIDICULOUS
  • tony is a goalie
  • mcdreamy & mcsteamy
  • you're not even nice
  • roasted
  • you dumb chicken nugget
  • tighten up
  • get wrecked
  • the finger thing
  • long dick style
  • the HEIGHT
  • squadily
  • slutty towel
  • volleyball whores
  • laurpe
  • rap battles
  • omgoodness
  • i'm leaving to cuba goodbye
  • cojones
  • melevator
  • roommate talks
  • roaster strudel
  • dank memes
  • the rarest pepes are the ones in your heart
  • straight savage
  • netflix and chill ;)
  • fetty wap
  • obama's daughter
  • mom's spaghetti
  • you look like a pear, you make people stare
  • 212 degrees
  • shaving company
  • laundry room
  • mints
  • shi labeouf
  • grape you in the mouth
  • don't hug me i'm scared
  • paranoia
  • football drills
  • papa johns
  • i asked for dominos and got papa johns
  • bring extra forks
  • keep it tippropriate guys
  • cries in spanish
  • you don't even Pg = Δt / (Tg • C2)
  • star wars spider
  • la gringa
  • la dinga
  • phalange
  • #bless
  • babyface
  • pirate
  • fuze tea
  • poof in it's final form
  • drops plate instead of mic
  • jesus soap
  • feels trip
  • #done
  • gey
  • yeg
  • pencil? i thought you said mentos
  • THE DOCTOR (is a strong 9)
  • slore
  • if one more store plays a tip song i stg i can't keep crying in public
  • does everything in spanish
  • you got kik?? ;)
  • brother zoned is better than friend zoned
  • chill level = -666
  • send candy in the elevator
  • 100 bottles of beer on the wall
  • minions are an abomination
  • smhd
  • tony will always get roasted
  • join the club? i AM the club
  • rip roasted or tip toasted??
  • so toasted it's burnt
  • what are you gonna do, kick me out?
  • i'll shove an umbrella down your throat and press the button
  • pudding (makes annika and laura gag)
  • you know what's hotter than an iron? a gluten allergy
  • you know what's hotter than a gluten allergy? ultimate frisbee
  • you know who has a gluten allergy and plays ultimate? anushka


Even though they are no longer able to attend TiP, the members of the Breakfast Chaches have actually had several TiPunions and will continue to try to find ways to meet once again!


  • Rachel met up with Pablo when she went to Atlanta.
  • Angie and Mel went on several dates.
  • Laura met up with Tony when he came down for Thanksgiving.
  • Annika, Mel, Jackson, and Sarah went to Universal and spent a few days together with some of Mel's friends from home.


  • Mel, Angie, and Laura met up, again (they meet up quite often since they live close to each other).
  • Pablo, Jack, Anushka, Ashley, Mel, and Rachel went to UGA t2.
  • Laura drove to Jacksonville and met up with Jackson and Annika at Taco Lu.


  • Laura went to Georgia a day early so she would be able to meet with Anushka since she wasn't able to attend TIP.
  • Mel, Ashley, Laura, Annika, Jack, Rachel, Willa, and Pablo went to UGA t2 (Laura and Annika were roommates!).
  • Willa came to Miami to tour FIU and met up with Laura.


  • Annika, Laura, Mel, Ashley, Rachel, and Jack went to UGA t2 for the last time.
  • Laura and Mel have sleepovers all the time.
  • Annika came to Miami to visit Mel and Laura during Winter Break.


  • Ashley came down to Miami to tour UM and met up with Annika and Mel.
  • Mel spent Pride week with Annika and Willa in Jacksonville.

It Ends Now

The Breakfast Chaches keep in touch through Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, groupchats, FaceTime calls, and the occasional TiPunions. They all have so much love for one another that it would be a sin for them to give up on each other so easily; they will be doing everything we can to continue our friendship. This page shall be untimely ended with a legendary poem written by the Jack for Anushka.

Roses are red, Yoda is green; My lightsaber takes two hands if you know what I mean.

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