The Bunnies

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The Bunnies were a group of TiPsters who began somewhat of a "cult" at Davidson Term II, '05. The group was made up of six TiPsters: Julia ("MOO Bunny"), William a.k.a. Sope ("Sudsy Bunny"), Amanda ("Angst Bunny"), Vinati ("Spazz Bunny"), Cody ("Wagic Bunny," "Artsy Bunny"), Savannah ("Drama Bunny"), and Rhett ("Hidden Bunny"). All of the Bunnies were in Writing Creatively at Davidson Term II, '05, except for Drama Bunny--she took State Your Case

The Bunnies branched out from the Royal Order of the Sope which was assembled of about half of the Writing Creatively class. Obviously, Sudsy Bunny headed this, his name being Sope. Bars of soap were called so-ap (pronounced "soh-ap") and thus different from SOPE. The members of the Royal Order of the Sope did many things which the author of this page cannot remember, but mostly played the card game Mao. They also chanted the famous, "Rinse, rinse, rinse, lather! Rinse, rinse, rinse, repeat!"

Eventually the Royal Order of the Sope died, and the Bunnies sprang around the second week of Davidson Term II, '05. The name originates from the term "Bunny," which two of the original Bunnies used as a code for their crushes. The Bunnies continued the tradition of playing Mao, partially won the lip sync as the "Madagascaroonies" with their rendition of "I Like to Move It" from Madagascar, and continued to be mostly unknown at Davidson, which is why there wasn't an article on them until now.

Their nicknames sprang from their obsessions, actions, and personalities. The names Angst, Spazz, Artsy, and Drama don't need explanation. Hidden Bunny was named for her mysterious air. Sope was named for his title in the Royal Order of the Sope, and his alternative name also sprang from his first. Julia was obsessed with both cows and Moonpies, hence the name "Moo," and Cody's obsession with Wagic came about during a pass-around story activity on one of the last days at TIP.

Following Davidson Term II, '05, Moo, Spazz, Angst, Drama, and Hidden continued to communicate through Livejournal posts and replies. Sope and Wagic also created accounts but update about once every six months. Drama generously created icons for each Bunny, and at the end of Term II, she and Angst created the Livejournal community,Bunnies United, [1]which is rarely updated but nevertheless is still in existence. Moo switched to Xanga and was lost during the school year.

During the summer of '06, Moo, Angst, Drama, and Hidden found their way to East Term II, while Sope went to debate camps in Illinois and North Carolina, and Spazz visited relatives in India for a very long three months with limited internet access. Artsy Bunny disappeared off the face of the planet.

Drama and Angst, who were roomates at Davidson, were in the same dorm and class, Wisdom of the East, and remained close throughout Term II. Moo and Hidden wound up in Giles Dorm, despite Moo being a third year, and saw each other more often than they saw the other two. What was left of the Bunnies made a point to reunite every few days and at the dances, but it wasn't the same. It will never be. But the Bunnies once were. And still are.

Drama and Angst plan to attend East II '07.