The Butt Tingles

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A feeling you get in your booty when you think of all the mysterious wonders of Duke Tip. It feels like exactly 88 mini-gnomes tickling your cheeks with the feathers of a albino pegasus. The greatest poets of Duke East have failed to truly capture the raw emotion of The Butt Tingles. No one knows why this happens, but no one wants to bring up The Butt Tingles so Duke West's research on this medical phenomena is at a minimum. Some Davidson tipologists have theorized that since Tip causes such an overflow of feelings of love and acceptance that the heart can no longer contain the tenderness and spreads the excess to the humble butt. Many Trinity students have coined the term T.A.T. as lingo for the affliction. Georgia Tech tipsters have confirmed a definite movement of warmth from heart to ass in a body that experiences T.A.T. Maybe once we look beyond the borders that separate us tipsters into campuses and years, we can see we all unite under the love of Tip and the respective tingles that result from experiencing the true meaning of Tip.